• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Iconoclast, by SaintAbsol

"That was the scene outside the Rich mansion, as the newly formed PAULDRONS society sta—" The television was switched off. It was one of the older models, lacking an internet connection or even a processor to function as a computer, magical or mundane, and wasn't even a flat-screen. By the standards of most teenagers in the world, it was practically an antique.

And one that stopped functioning as the remote was thrown through its screen.

Coffee Swirl, a pegasus aspect who cared so little for flight he'd barely used his wings since they'd appeared on his back, slowly settled back into his chair. He was already regretting having thrown his remote like that, but he really couldn't help it at this point. The fact he still got stared at for choosing to keep his feet on the ground was one thing, and easily ignored, but a special interest group advocating for equality to animals and even rocks?! There was just a point where he simply couldn't take it anymore.

"World's gone to Tartarus," he muttered under his breath, glancing toward the window as the light slowly started to dim in the approaching evening. "And it's not hard to tell who's to blame..."

The sun was well and truly gone from the sky as the community center locked up for the night. The janitor on duty yawned hugely as he checked one of the locks; it had been a long day, made no easier by the 'church' that had taken over one of the rooms.

While Sunset Shimmer regularly expressed her wishes to not be worshiped as a deity, several makeshift shrines and temples had started to pop up in public settings. The one in the community center's common area just happened to be one of the larger ones, complete with a few ever present chairs serving as pews around sizeable sculpture of her icon. It wasn't much, but it served the purpose the Shimmerists intended for it, a place to sing Sunset's praises.

Dusty Sweep had little time for such things, being only a nominal Harmonist before things had changed and only noting the changes to the world in that his back didn't hurt nearly as much as it used to when he lifted the barrels of cleaner off the shelves in the back. He didn't hold anything against the girl, but he could find better things to do than sit an worship someone who didn't want to be worshiped.

Dusty suddenly jumped as he heard something rustle near him, grabbing a sizeable stick from the ground and pointing it at the source. "Who's there?" His eyes darted around, still adjusting to the dark of the night. "I-I'm armed, I swear!" The rustling intensified for a moment, before a racoon scurried across the path, pausing only to look at him before disappearing into the night once more. Dusty blinked, than slowly lowed the stick with a shake of his head. "I'm gettin' paranoid," he muttered, turning to finish locking up.

Then something shattered within and he practically tore the door of its hinges as he took off inside.

More and more doors were thrown open as he rushed through the building, looking for who could have broken whatever that was and trying to figure out what they wanted. There wasn't any money kept on the premises, nor were there all that many things of value to be found in the first place. That meant it had to be some sort of vandal, but what could they-

Dusty's train of thought derailed as he reached the 'chapel' room, and found the sculpture of Sunset Shimmer's icon smashed to bits on the floor. The room's window was open, apparently having been jimmied open from the outside. Dusty swore loudly as he rushed over and stuck his head out, just barely catching a glimpse of someone as they vaulted over the nearby fence, a faint magical glow visible on their back.

Coffee Swirl panted as he ran, his feet pounding the hard pavement as he tried to stay away from lights as much as possible.

He couldn't believe he'd done something so unbelievably stupid and petty! Cops were going to be showing up any moment, possibly literally if they had the unicorn aspect, and the skies weren't safe even if he did want to fly. There was no way he was getting out of this with anything short of a miracle!

And, right on cue, a grey van skidded to a stop, almost running him over as it bounced up onto the sidewalk.

The window was open, letting him see a girl wearing a hoodie that did a remarkable job of concealing her face. "Get in," she said in a no-nonsense tone. "Now, before the police get here!"

Coffee Swirl didn't need telling twice, and just as well too, as she started pulling away before he'd even managed to close the door. "Who the hell are you?"

A few strands of red and yellow hair slipped out from beneath the hood as the girl slammed the gas down. "Someone else who isn't exactly thrilled with the boss-lady."

In a house that no longer adhered to the rules of normal time and space, Johnathan Quincy Discord sipped a glass of chocolate milk with a crooked smile on his face. "Nothing quite like watching a plan come together," he thought out loud. "Now then... just a few more pieces to move, and everything will be in place."

Author's Note:

I've come to like human Sunset. The universe never intended her to exist, but here she is anyway. (And by "the universe," I mean me. :derpytongue2:)

Of course, trying to spite Sunset by vandalizing one of her shrines is a bit like trying to annoy your neighbor by weeding his garden, but I'm certainly not going to tell Coffee that.

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