• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Live Current, by ArtieStroke

"This is stupid," Adagio grumbled. "We already do that stupid news segment. Under duress, no less!"

"Lighten up, 'Dagi!" Sonata said, dice clacking as she rolled them in her hand, "Besides, people kinda adore us for doing that whole 'My Sister, My Sister, and Me' thing! Don't you like that?"

Adagio frowned. The brat had a point. She had a point and she hated it. And because of that, she would absolutely refuse to acknowledge that point.

"Our dear Sonata is right," Mr. Discord said, shuffling his character sheet around as Aria checked the mic, "This will be an ABSOLUTE blast!"

"You jerks just better have your character sheets ready," Aria said, confident the microphones were set up just right, "I don't wanna be running a circus here."

"Another valid question- how come Aria is the one in charge here?"

"She asked first," Mr. Discord replied, with a shrug, and then grinned, "Besides, I've been dying to bring back good old Captain Wuzz for a new romp; haven't played him since Ogres and Oubliettes 3rd Edition. 4.0 was a total wash, but dearest Twilight has assured me 5th edition is a decent streamlining of what 3.5 was."

"I am so excited to play Chalupa!" Sonata said bouncing in her seat and turning to Adagio, "Oh, oh, what did you make for your character?"

Adagio smirked, flourishing her sheet, "Silly as this farce is, my enchantress, Dazalia, will still probably be the best character here."


"Well at least I didn't name her after a friggin' taco!"

"Shut up, we're ready now," Aria said, sitting down in her chair. Adagio harrumphed, and Aria leaned into the mic, speaking with a much huskier tone.

"Strap on your fantasy seatbelts and hold onto your butts... it's The Odyssey Realm."

Author's Note:

It's like a livestream, but with ocean creatures.

Quoth the author:

For those wondering, Chalupa is a Drow Satire Bard, Captain Wuzz is a Tiefling Beastmaster Ranger (Fluttershy's had a little influence on him, what can I say), and Dazalia is a human variant Sea sorceress (someone's not very creative)

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