• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Palette Cleanser, by Void Knight and Masterweaver

(Void Knight)

“Hello, everyone! I’m Sonata Dusk,” said the golden-skinned-and-haired siren-aspect, the trademark grin that went with that name distorting her face.

“I’m Aria Blaze,” said the news anchor with the blue-on-blue color scheme, a slight smile playing about her lips.

“And I’m Adagio Dazzle,” said the third news anchor, her facial expressions displaying her dissatisfaction with her purple-and-green coloration.

“And this is Siren Spell Stories!” finished the golden one. The Siren Spell Stories logo briefly filled the screen, and when it cleared, the golden newsanchor was the only one remaining. At her side stood a rather pretty young woman with metallic blue skin, equally metallic greenish hair, and opalline eyes and headgem.

“And our first special guest is Dragonfly, member of the Wholesome and inventor of a revolutionary new technique in cosmetology. Dragonfly?”

“Thank you, Sonata,” said Dragonfly. “As many of you probably know, almost since the Saturation, members of our communion have possessed the power to manipulate our chromelanin, changing our skin or hair or eye colors as desired. Though in case any of you were wondering, these are in fact my natural colors. But anyway, almost the first thing to run through my mind after I’d learned the chromelanin manipulation techniques was the question, ‘Can I figure out how to do this for someone else?’ Being able to assume whatever colors you like without needing to use makeup or even glamor spells is a wonderful gift, and it’s one I wanted to be able to share. Long story short, I’ve partially cracked the solution. My technique still draws on the Wholesome communion, so only members can cast it, but it does work. Observe.”

Dragonfly laid her hand on the golden-skinned arm, and closed her eyes in concentration. Her head-gem lit up, and an iridescent shimmer spread out across the news anchor’s body from where Dragonfly had touched her. In its wake, golden skin was replaced by blue.

After Sonata returned to her original coloration, Dragonfly opened her eyes and removed her hand. “As you can see, the technique is both harmless and easily reversible. I don’t know yet if it wears off on its own. I tested it on my biological sister about a week ago, and she hasn’t changed back to her original colors yet, but it may just take longer.”

“Why did you specify ‘biological sister’?” asked Sonata. “Does the shared blood make some difference?”

“No, it’s just that there’d be no point trying this on a sister of the Wholesome, for obvious reasons,” replied Dragonfly.

“Thank you, Dragonfly,” said Sonata cheerily. “And now, over to Aria for the sports news.”


"...Okay." Sunset turned to Chrysalis as the news segment ended. "Why?"

"Can't my children do something out of the goodness of their own heart?"

"They could, yes. But you managed to rig that whole thing with Tirek. So, why?"

Chrysalis rolled her eyes. "Suspicion aversion. Too many people view the Wholesome as merely being a spy network. If one of our primary methods of espionage suddenly becomes open source, that will both lessen the suspicion..."

She smirked. "...and make it harder to tell genuine children from those who change for cosmetic reasons."

Sunset sighed as she rubbed her brow. "You know, given what you've done to help your kind and the world, it's easy to forget that you're actually amoral."

Author's Note:

"I can only imagine how Rainbow Dash will react if people start imitating her hair."

"From what Dragonfly tells me, that will cost a lot extra."

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