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Intriguing Indifference, by SaintAbsol

The man sighed as he sat in the airport terminal, leaning back in the uncomfortable seats as he watched the board overhead for any information about his eventual boarding time. It was all he could do, given the unexpected delay and him not wanting to dig through his luggage for a book or the like

And it gave him something else to focus on besides the fact a large number of people were staring and wondering why a man with the pegasus aspect was waiting to board a plane at all.

"Well, isn't this an odd sight?"

The man jumped as he didn't remember anyone sitting next to him, nor could he recall when the strangely... mundane-looking man had sat down. The stranger's yellow and red eyes had an unnerving gleam to them as they appraised him, making the man shift about in his seat. "Can I... help you?"

"Just curious, is all," the stranger said. "I think you're well aware as to what."

The man sighed, running a hand through his two-tone, white and rust colored hair. "Yeah, you and everyone else," he grumbled. The man gave a halfhearted glare at the various other would-be passengers, who hastily pretended they weren't look at him. "Is it really that hard to believe? I mean, I can't be the only guy with wings who flies on a plane."

"No, but the ones that do that usually have some variant of acrophobia; and I can tell that's not the case for you."


The stranger's eyes seemed to glow as he gave a crooked smile. "I can."

The man opened his mouth, but just shook his head. "Whatever..."

"So," the stranger continued. "Why aren't you flying on your own?"

The man groaned. "Why should I?"

The stranger raised an eyebrow, but remained smiling. "Because you can? And you wouldn't have to deal with this delay, or the outrageous fees for your luggage, or the ticket itself."

"And I can just walk there if I really wanted. I still don't see why I should do something just because I can."

The stranger put a hand to his chin, still smiling. "Well, then why shouldn't you?"

The man shrugged. "I just... don't like to fly."

"You feel like your aspect is wrong?"

The man shook his head. "No, I don't really care what aspect I have, not like I'd get much use out of any one in particular."

That seemed to catch the stranger's interest. "So... if you had... say... the unicorn aspect, you wouldn't see much use for telekinesis?"

"Last I checked, I still had hands."

"And the earth aspect?"

The man shrugged. "I don't do a lot of heavy lifting or work outdoors or the like. So... yeah, I can't say I'd get much use out of it either."

"Interesting..." The man rubbed at his chin, his eyes gleaming again. "You could be interesting to keep an eye on..."

"You're incredibly creepy, you know that?"

The stranger chuckled, lightly clapping his hands together. "And blunt to boot, I'm looking forward to this."

"To wh—"

The board overhead flipped to show new times, and a call rang out over the PA system. "Now boarding: Flight 217, Canterlot to Whinniapolis."

The man blinked as he heard his flight called, and grabbed his luggage. "Look, I have to ge—" And he stopped short again as he realized the stranger was no longer seated next to him, nor did he appear to be anywhere in the immediate area. "...Ugh," the man groaned. "I miss when things were simple..."

Author's Note:

Meet Coffee Swirl, the man who doesn't care about the world changing.

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