• Published 1st Apr 2016
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It's Not Easy Being Blue, by Void Knight

The man opened his eyes.

He lay on his back, looking up through a canopy of delicate green toward the darkening blue of the sky. Stalks of bamboo were rustling in a warm, drowsy breeze. He could feel through his bruises (and a tremendous headache) that the ground beneath him was plush with fallen leaves. It was quiet here, under the bamboo. The air tasted faintly of salt, and he could hear waves in the distance.

Well, thought Jace Beleren, Vice Principal of Ravnica High as he sat up, this is new.

A quick glance around confirmed that he was nowhere he’d ever seen before. The island on which he now sat didn’t seem to have any other people on it, and was not all that big. But there, not a stone’s throw away across a shallow channel, was a town.

Okay, first step is to get to that town. It looks like a fairly civilized place, so they’ll have maps, cars, telephones, all the things I need to figure out where I am and how I got here and to get back home.

The thought of telephones prompted him to check his pockets, but his cellular phone was missing.

He made to step forward into the water, but just as his foot crossed the plane of the water’s edge, there was a flash of golden light and a force that threw him back. He landed on his back, and raised his head just in time to see a shining triangle enclosed by a circle fading away in the air in front of him.

“I don’t get it,” said Apple Bloom, sticking her hand out and splashing some ocean water. “Why doesn’t this magic stop us? And why did you bring us here? And what’s wrong with Scoots?” A wave of her hand indicated the orange-skinned daredevil, who was currently lying sprawled on the sand clutching her head.

“Weirdly enough, all those questions have the same answer,” said Sunset Shimmer. “You see, whoever did this didn’t technically cast a spell confining Vice Principal Beleren to this island. She found another Jace Beleren in some other universe, one who was already under a spell confining him to an island, or something similar. Then she cast an extremely powerful destiny spell linking the two of them. So we can pass through the shield because it doesn’t exist for anyone except Vice Principal Beleren. You’re here because I’m going to need your skills untangling the destiny spell without ripping big holes in causality. And I forgot to warn Scootaloo to brace herself, and she got stunned by suddenly coming face-to-face with that strong of a destiny spell that's currently ongoing. She’ll be fine in a moment.

“Gwabarga,” said Scootaloo, rolling over.

Author's Note:

Congratulations, Jace. You're the new Fblthp.

As for who did this to him, Void's staying mum on the subject thus far.

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