• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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In Heaven's Name, by Masterweaver

Sunset Shimmer rolled her eyes as the doors slammed open. "Before you ask, I am not encouraging this. Heck, one of my bishops is trying to put it down. I'll take your petition, of course, and acknowledge it in my next vlog, but at the moment I am trying to relax."

Sunny Flare blinked. "...I thought you didn't like using omniscience."

"I don't."

"Then how do you know I'm objecting to the movement to make naming children after celestial objects illegal?"

"Same way I know about the countermovement to make people named after celestial objects saints of some sort." Sunset gestured to her phone. "The Internet."

Sunny opened her mouth, paused, and nodded. "Makes... sense. I had a speech—"

"Do you have it in text form?"


"Leave it with the petition, I swear I'll get to it."

Author's Note:

Reverence comes in many forms, few of them welcome.

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