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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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X-Ray Examination, by Jenna Cipher and FoME

(Jenna Cipher)

The strange creature before It was puzzling.

Scans registered the specimen as mammalian in nature, corroborated by many of its physical features. However, said scans could not however explain the decidedly non-mammalian feathers growing along the cervical vertebrae, or the antigravitational capabilities demonstrated during pre-abduction observation.

Nor was this the only suite of abnormalities this race possessed. Several other "aspects" had been abducted and studied, none of which It could comprehend any more than this one. The supposed cause of these mutations puzzled It most of all. Based on the data thus far, this species both did and did not possess the Blessing; though the energy they manipulated appeared to have similar effects, any attempt to analyze it produced results not possible under the laws of physics as Its kind understood them.

With a look of near-resignation on its mouthless face and a glimmer of frustration in its large, bug-like eyes, it plucked a single orange hair from the specimen's head and set it into the ship's scanner for another round of tests.

The computer emitted a loud series of insectoid clicks and screeches that, if translated to the specimen's language, would mean, "DNA analysis 42 of test subject 'Windy Whistles', in progress."

It left the computer to its business and walked toward the stairwell leading to the launch bay. It would need to launch more abduction probes, collect more samples, and devise much more invasive tests if It was to solve the mystery of these "humans'" abilities. Still, even with Its many failures, some part of It remained confident that the task was possible.


Ditzy didn't usually loom over Kikai. The Munarin had been through more than enough; she didn't need the locals flaunting their greater size over her. But today was special. Ditzy dropped the newspaper in front of the felinoid alien, crossed her arms, and said, "Explain."

Kikai, who had been napping on Ditzy's bed until that point, wiped at her eyes with a paw, then looked at the paper. "I am terribly sorry that the subway workers' union is still in a standoff with management."

"The other article."

"'Mysterious Disappearances Continue.' Kikai bolted to her feet. "Do you think it's the Vaucoi?"

"It doesn't sound like them. People are just gone. Totally without a trace, physical or magical. No one's bothered Sunset about it yet, but... Well, call it a hunch, but I think there's something else out there. And I figured you might know them."

Kikai sighed. "Miss Doo, I'm flattered by your confidence, but I am not a copy of the Encyclopedia Galactica. Even if I were, I'd be horribly out of date. Besides, why would any self-respecting species travel halfway across the galaxy just to abduct a few of the..." She trailed off, eyes wide. "Oh no."


"They are the... how to translate the term? Astrals? Quintessentials?"

Ditzy quirked an eyebrow. "You copied my knowledge of Wranglish. How can you not know?"

Kikai paced about the bed. "Because your language is a hair-splitting kleptomaniac with commitment issues. The point is that I do know of one species that might qualify. And if I'm right, we may want to contact Miss Shimmer sooner rather than later."

Author's Note:

Basically, Jenna wanted to explore the possibility of an XCOM crossover.

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