• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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More to Love, by SaintAbsol (Suggestive)

"I must admit," Luna said, pointedly looking off in another direction. "When I first acquired these abilities, I was expecting quite a few situations like this; thus far, I have been pleasantly surprised by how few times it has happened."

"That's nice and all, Vice Principal Luna... but, could ya not do somethin' like this in the future?"

Luna risked a glance back, finding Applejack wrapped in a thick blanket that seemed nearly half an acre in size. "Dreams are my responsibility now, Applejack; and, in a world where thoughts can be projected into reality, to say nothing of your own abilities, making sure that dreams remain only dreams is a very important task." She hesitated. "Though... I will have to work out a better system for determining where my influence is needed... I would rather not be accused of unsavory acts with my students due to another incident such as this..."

"Eeyep..." Aj responded, the oversized girl's eyes darted around the dreamscape, as she kept a firm (albeit gentle) grip on the other figure hiding under her blanket at the moment. "You... um... you won't tell her about this, right? It'd make things really uncomfortable."

Luna chuckled a bit, turning away and walking toward a door that had appeared from nowhere. "The personal lives of my students are only a concern to me when they cause harm to others; your fantasies are safe with me, young Applejack." The door opened without Luna touching it, and she strolled though.

"Alright then," she heard AJ ask as she shut the door behind her. "Where were we?"

Author's Note:

The author has requested that the identity of Applejack's blanket partner be kept indefinite, for fear of audience backlash.

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