• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Driving Passions, by ArtieStroke

Flash sighed. It was the sigh of a lonely, broken heart. A sigh of a longing lover, lost without love.

It was a sigh that Brawly Beats was starting to get tired of.

"Flash, my dude, my man, my brother," Brawly said, taking a moment to stop testing his drums, "If you sigh one more time I swear to Harmony I'm ending this band."

"Huh?" Flash turned, snapped out of his depressed state by being addressed by name.

Brawly rolled his eyes. "Seriously! This energy you're projecting is a major bummer, man."

"He's got a point, mate," Ringo said, nodding as he tuned his bass.

Flash rolled his eyes. "Come on, guys. It's not—"

"If you say 'it's not that bad' I am ALSO gonna quit the band."

Flash frowned, "Well, way to be supportive friends, guys!"

Brawly groaned, getting up from his drums and placing a firm hand on Flash's shoulder, "Dude, we've been pals since, like, kindergarten, and I love you bro, but this is almost as bad as when your crush on Lyra didn't work out because she doesn't swing your way."

Flash's face colored a bit as he grimaced, "Oh come on, I had almost completely forgotten about that, dude! Now I'm gonna have to spend another five years repressing that!"

"Wait, hang on," Ringo set down his bass, and actually took off his shades for once, "You had a crush on Lyra?"

"Yeah, it was the most embarrassing part of seventh grade," Brawly said, chuckling as Flash sank further into his own humiliation.

"And... ain't she actually a pony too?"

Brawly immediately stopped laughing, and something approaching horror formed on Flash's face

"Oh, no."

"Plus, there's... well, you know. That pony princess what looks like the new girl. And also God."

"Oh, please no."

Brawly slowly lifted his hand off of Flash's shoulder, discretely wiping it on his pants.

Ringo shrugged. "All I'm saying is—"



Flash looked his bassist in the eye, and for a moment Ringo thought he saw an emotion that rarely showed itself in Flash. A glint of red fury that chilled him to the bone.

"If you say another word, then I am quitting this band."

Ringo flipped his shades back one, hurriedly going back to tuning his bass, "You got it, boss!"

Author's Note:

It's okay, Flash. There's no shame in having a type. Even if that type is unicorns from another universe.

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