• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Peril Quarter, by Masterweaver, FoME, and SaintAbsol


"HOLY HECK! You have a functional HOLODECK!"

"Yes, Miss Sparkle. It took a few years to produce but—"

"An actual holodeck for actual training of actual super-heroes!" The purple girl's eyes were wide as she quivered in glee. "I... I just..."

"Wow." Sunset giggled. "I've heard of nerdgasms before, but—"

"This isn't a nerdgasm. This is nerdvana." Twilight hugged one of the projected monsters. "I am living a geek's dream."

Fancy Pants gave a small chuckle of his own. "Glad you approve, Miss Sparkle."

"So I get the holodeck thing," Sunset offered, "and I can totally see why you're going with this. But, um... why did Celestia want me to look it over?"

"Oh. Well, you see, we were planning to use some of your... incidents in our training. The Friendship Games, for instance. Everything that happened there would be a good example of a typical Power Patriot scenario: civilians hypnotized and superpowered, requiring quick thinking and delicate consideration—"

"Ah, right. Yeah, sure, I'm cool with it. Might want to check with everyone that was involved though. And make some other scenarios."

"You've got to pull some stuff from comics," Twilight demanded. "And books. Movies. Video games. This is a live action video game. We can actually—"

"Twilight?" Sunset gripped her shoulders. "Breathe. This is a training room, for people who will be going into dangerous situations. This is not meant to be fun. This is meant to be serious."

"...I mean... it can be both, right?"


"Fancy Industries is planning on a recreational version as a long-term project."

Sunset gave Fancy a harried look. "Mr. Pants, with all due respect, I am trying to defuse a barely subcritical Twilight Sparkle here. You aren't helping."



"See what I mean?"

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