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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Second Look, by Masterweaver

Your name is Second Person. Your parents weren't exactly the most creative when it came to names—your older brother is named First Person, for crying out loud—and they aren't actually the most supportive either; for the longest time they expected you to turn out just like their other kid, who (let's be honest here) was a musclebound egotist of the highest caliber. It was always one of those 'We love you but you should be better' situations with them. And it only got worse when you were enrolled in Crystal Prep.
But even in the darkest of times, there can be a shining light. And for you, that light was Sour Sweet, a girl with her own issues, to be sure, but one who accepted you without question because you accepted her without question. Well, aside from how you should help during her schizophrenic episodes. That was an awkward but enlightening conversation, and you two grew closer because of it. You've even considered starting a long-term engagement with her; sure, it's unusual at your age, but you figured it might be worth it.

Oh, and then magic happened. Like, literally, you-have-a-gem-in-your-forehead kind of magic, and Sour Sweet can fly on a bow made of light. She seems to give you odd looks on occasion—well, your gem, anyway—but you figure that's just because she's not used to the world changing in a way that everyone can recognize. And she did kind of save your life during the Friendship Games.

Or... your mind, anyway. Principal Cinch really went crazy.

The point is, the world is different, but also kind of the same; people still have the various needs and wants they've always had, they just have new tools for working toward fulfilling them. And that can sometimes lead to odd situations.

Granted, your classes being rescheduled so you share them all with your girlfriend isn't exactly the result of magic. From what you understand, that's more the result of Lemon Zest exploiting Dean Cadance's latent shipping craze and Principal Cinch's newfound guilt complex as a favor to Sour. You are... sort of grateful to Lemon for that, but she's kind of too exuberant for you to be comfortable around her. Also she has this look whenever she sees you two. It's like she expects you to strip and start, uh, getting it on, just so she can watch.

Or maybe it's just you. Sour's never seen it.

Anyway, today began in a very interesting manner. Namely, Sour walked up to you and shoved her pills into your hand. "Don't give these to me unless I absolutely need them."

"Um," you said intelligently.

"I'm experimenting with a new treatment." She tapped the crystal hanging from her neck with a small grin. "Professor Laurel gave me this yesterday. It's supposed to help with my symptoms, and... it is."

"Oh," you said. "Really?"

"Yeah, I'm not feeling nearly as bitchy as I usually do. And there don't seem to be any side effects... yet." She shrugged. "This is kind of experimental though. So, just in case, you know my dosage, right?"

"Yep. And even if I didn't, it's right on the canister." You put it carefully in your coat pocket. "So... is this some sort of magic thing?"

"Well, duh." Sour Sweet rolled her eyes, but there was a faint smile on her lips. "If this works, it could revolutionize modern medicine! I think. Even if it doesn't, it's a data point. You know how it goes."

You nodded, not really understanding, but she seemed confident enough. And you were there in case anything went wrong. Being the gentleman that you are, you held out your arm. "Shall I escort you to class, fair maiden?"

She giggled, hooking her elbow into yours. "Oh, Second, you of all people should know that neither of those words applies to me."

Of course, that has been four and a half hours ago. And for the most part, Sour had seemed okay. But even as you wandered through the school with her, you noticed her eyes getting more... unfocused wouldn't be the right word. Twitchy? She could still see the world around her; she just also seemed to notice other things.

The bell rings, signalling the end of class, and you decide to step up to her quietly. "Sour?"

"Yeah, Second?"

"How's the... how's the crystal working?"

Sour Sweet sighs happily. "Like a dream."

You give her an awkward smile. "That sounds good. But um... are you sure you're okay?"

She gives you a wry smirk. "What, you think I'm becoming addicted to happiness?"

"...Maybe a little."

"No, it's not like that. I mean, I feel anger and sadness but it isn't... overwhelming like it usually is. The crystal is drawing me closer to genuine joy; when I have my swing, it's not as far arcing, in either direction."

You nod, as though you understand. "So, you're not becoming blinded by pure optimism?"

"Nope! It goes both ways. My lows are higher and my highs are lower."

"Oh. I guess that's good."

"It's better then my pills, that's for sure."

"Well, so long as you aren't having problems."

"Of course!" Sour chuckles, gesturing toward thin air. "I have to set a good example for Bitter Honey, don't I?"

You wince.

"...Sour." You take her hand gently. "You know where you are, right?"

"Of course! I'm at Crystal Prep."

"And you're a student here."

"Yes, obviously. Second, what are you going on about?"

You swallow. "And you're... too young to have a child."

Sour Sweet's eyes refocus slightly.

She sighs. "...It's only been her. Not the spiders, just... her. We were having fun."

"I know, Sour, but you told me—"

"I did." She glances at empty space, saddened. "...Can I keep her around for the rest of the day?"

You bite your lip, glancing from your pocket to the jewel around her neck. "...If she doesn't cause any problems."

She looks at you and smiles.

"And you have to take your pills tomorrow."

Her smile fades, slightly. "I... I guess that's fair..."

Author's Note:

Crystal aspect psychoactive projection can have some more constructive uses than, say, bending a student body to your will.

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