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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Open Door Policy, by Masterweaver

"The thing is, Bacon Academy—which is still a very, very silly name—was literally founded and funded by a religious group. They're decent enough to not disallow nonbelievers, but..." Glimmer Goodwitch gave an exasperated sigh. "Well, we've got a class on Shimmerism, taught by the bishops themselves. Who are, in fact, also students. They rotate so there's no schedule conflict with them learning, but that isn't the issue."

"I once considered starting a cult at that age myself," Luna reflected. "It pretty much fell apart."

Cadence snickered. "That's what kicked off your emo phase, right?"

"Mmmhmm. Of course, that's also how I met Chryssy...."

The pink woman shot her aunt a glare. Said aunt simply sipped her glass with a smirk.

Glimmer blinked. "Chryssy? Who is—?"

"Chrysalis," Jace supplied. "Before she led the Wholesome, she dated Luna for a while. Then she became a porn star, and apparently—"

"THAT. WAS. FORCED." Cadance's voice ground through her teeth.

Glimmer opened her mouth, paused, and decided not to ask. "Bringing us back to Bacon Academy... you can see how we have some logistical issues. Throw in combat-oriented classes on top of that, and the usual high school curriculum... It doesn't help that we have a 'tradition' of hiring any teacher who asks."

Luna leaned back. "Really?"

"Ruby became the pope because she asked Sunset first. Ounce Pin? He asked Ruby. Hell, I asked for a position, and I got it!" Glimmer threw up her hands. "At LEAST I managed to convince the headmaster to vet teachers for a week, but even then—even then! Port's excellent at biology and an egotist of the highest degree, Oobleck knows history in and out and I have no idea how he doesn't explode from caffeine, and Peach—don't even get me started on Peach."

"Oobleck..." Jace mused. "You know, I've heard that name before..."

"Yes, me too...." Luna rapped her fingers on the table, before snapping them. "Discord's old roommate! He had a cousin called Oobleck, I think!"

"Huh. Small world."

"If it's so bad," Cadence asked, "why don't you leave?"

"Because my last job was even worse." Glimmer sighed. "The whole reason I asked was to get out of that mess... and to be honest, the staff does care about the students, that's very nice."

Cadence nodded. "There's a difference between a professor and a teacher. We don't have many teachers at Crystal Prep..."

Author's Note:

Jace likely heard of Oobleck from Kraj, one of Ravnica High's old biology teachers. He left years ago; irreconcilable differences with the drama teacher and the school board.

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