• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Mysteries of the Cosmos, by Jenna Cipher

"Captain's Log, April 4th 2063, Commanding Officer Surprise reporting. The warp drive test was met with resounding success, and after several hours of flight at Warp factor 2 we have arrived in orbit of Alpha Centauri. The current director of NEIGHSA, Twilight Sparkle herself, has given us orders to use our new sensors to survey this system and those near it and report back to Earth in three standard weeks."

The Glorious Proclaimer wasn't as grand as the ship's name would suggest. In fact, it was actually rather cheesy looking, as if from some old turn of the century sci-fi like Wormhole Xtreme or Space Trek: Enterprise. But for Surprise, that didn't matter. It was her ship and she was damn proud of it,even it did look like a giant saucer with engines on the back and hangers and giant glowing tubes strapped to the sides.

But no amount of silliness could prepare for what came next.

"Captain, we're picking up a small but obviously artificial object in a very close orbit around the star. It's not of our probes, ma'am. I'm not even picking up a reactor signature."

Surprise blinked "Can we tell what it is?"

The unicorn-aspected science officer turned her attention back to the readout and blinked before replying in a dumbfounded tone of voice, "Ma'am, it appears to be... a small ceramic pot."

Surprise blinked, a look of, well, surprise, and confusion appearing on her face before stuttering, "Wha... Whuuuu.... What the fuck?"

For a brief moment,she could've sworn she heard a very familiar laugh.

Author's Note:

According to Jenna, this particular Surprise is Pinkie Pie's granddaughter.

See here for something resembling an explanation.
Well, an explanation beyond "Damn it, Mr. Discord."

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