• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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May the Hours Come Swiftly, by SaintAbsol

He ran.

He couldn't tell where he was, or where he was running to, all that mattered was running from what was behind him. His breath came in desperate gasps, his body screamed at him in agony, but still he ran. He could feel it getting closer, but he dare not turn back and look, lest he trip and fall and be as good as dead. Other sounds reached his ears now: screams of terror, of agony, of defiance, screams that were silenced mere moments after they had started.

Still, he ran.

Suddenly, the ground dropped out beneath him, and he tumbled through blackness and nothing. He could hear himself screaming in terror, not knowing how long he fell through that void, before the very presence he had been fleeing surrounded him. A needle pierced his head, and he let loose a tortured howl, foreign thoughts invading his mind with all the gentleness of a branding iron.

"I had hoped for more from you, Jace. But I expected as much."


Jace Beleren, Vice Principal of Ravnica High, awoke with a scream. His nightshirt and bed were soaked with his sweat, and his heart hammered in his chest as he fretfully glanced around the darkened corners of his bedroom. It took his mind several moments before it managed to remind himself that he was home, alone, and safe from his nightmares.

If only he could get himself to believe the last part.

With a sigh, Jace threw off the covers and headed toward his kitchen. He ould tell he wasn't going to be getting any more sleep tonight, might as well make some coffee before applying himself to one of his many tasks. He did still have two pentachromatic mana users to locate, after all.

Author's Note:

Nicol Bolas hits you so hard, your parallel universe counterparts feel it. Especially the ones who are working for dragons.

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