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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Future Imperfect, by Void Knight, FoME, and Masterweaver

(Void Knight)

The story I am about to tell you is a lie thrice over. It is in the first place a lie because there is no such place as the Oversaturated World, nor any such people as those depicted therein. It is in the second place a lie because the specific events it describes may very well never happen, and even should they happen they could only happen centuries into the future of the Oversaturated World. And it is in the third place a lie, because even if the world it depicted were real, and even should the events it describes happen, the description here is only tangentially related to what would truly be happening. That being said, though it is a lie threefold, it is still a true lie, and there is great value in such. So listen and pay heed…

There was a vast tree, seemingly made of crystal. Various many-faceted crystals grew from its branches like fruit. Some were Elements of Harmony. Some were foci for various fundamental processes of the universe. Some were worlds, or possibilities of worlds. The tree’s crystal roots were sunk deep into the the misty “ground” of the Astral Plane, and grew vast and gnarled. But if an observer looked from just the right angle, he could see that some of the roots had twined together to form a cocoon. And inside the cocoon, if one could get close enough and get a clear enough look, there slept a young woman. She had bright yellow skin and striped red-and-yellow hair, and down her naked back there ran a long strip of cervical down. She had curled up into a ball, hiding her face and hands, but her feet could be seen, and they had the enlarged nails of an earth-aspect.

Abruptly, there was a man standing before the tree. He had no visible aspect, and was clad in a bizarre motley of patches and incongruous clothing combinations.

“Alright,” he said, to nobody in particular, “this is the outside of enough.”

He took his hands out of his pockets and cupped them around his mouth. “Wakey wakey, Sleeping Beauty!”

Nothing happened.

“Oy! Sunset Shimmer! I’ve heard of sleeping in late, but this is getting ridiculous!”

Nothing happened, rather more pronouncedly.

“Fine,” said the man. He raised his hands, and with a quick jerk the chainsaw roared to life. The teeth bit deep into the crystal tree, and glittering dust began to fly. The tree shook all over, and sparkling branches swung at the man like clubs. He ducked under one, jumped over another, and continued cutting.

Beneath the tree, the cocoon began to twist open. The young woman’s eyes opened, and fiery wings burst into existence from her back. With a flash of light, she was clothed in a long white dress. She dove out and rocketed up through the ground to burst out in the Astral Plane, blazing light and heat gathered in her hands.

“John Quincy Discord, what do you think you are doing?” she demanded.

“The only thing that would get your attention!” he retorted. “It’s been centuries, Sunset! I can understand needing some time to grieve. A year or two, even a decade, since we’re both immortal and have plenty of time to burn. But locking yourself away and sleeping for centuries is not the right answer. Not to mention that the world’s kind of breaking down without you to keep an eye on it. Worlds aren’t supposed to have an active Catalyst of Disharmony and a dormant Catalyst of Harmony. Not for long, at least.”

Sunset Shimmer’s face twisted, and with a brilliant flash, she released the power she was holding, fell to the “ground”, and began to cry.

Discord stared for a long minute, then stepped forward and hugged her. “It’s OK. Let it all out. If you try to bottle it all up, you’ll go crazier than me. And we can’t have that.”

After a few minutes, she stepped back and wiped her eyes. “Feel better?” asked Discord.

Sunset nodded.

“Good,” said Discord with a grin. “There’s practically a whole new world out there waiting for you. A bit of a fixer-upper after the War of Fire, but most of the background thaumic radiation is gone by now, and civilization is progressing nicely. They’re already beginning to form cities and governments again, and there are some very nice temples going up. I even helped with the interior decoration. Hope you like big statues.”

Side by side, the Avatars of Harmony and Disharmony descended into the new world.


The cathedral was actually pretty nice, given the whole "postapocalyptic" thing. There was just one little issue.


"Yes, Sunset?"

"You never said anything about them sanctifying my friends." Indeed, the altar to Sunset was in the middle of an arc of seven, each bearing a painfully familiar icon.

Mr. Discord harrumphed. "You really think I'd let them forget Fluttershy or Twilight? And I couldn't in good conscience let any of them persist at the expense of the others." After a moment, he glanced at Sunset. "I... actually wasn't sure which option would hurt you worse, so I went with what I wanted."

"This is fine." Tears streamed down Sunset's face. To their credit, the priests managed to keep themselves from collecting the holy relics as they fell to the floor. "This is fine."


"This is a possibility."

"It exists, as do all."

"Must we show her this vision?"

"Must we speak to this fall?"

"Truth. She would not trust us."

"Not after Winter's Light."

"Yet what can we do to stop it?"

"To avoid this ghastly plight?"

Author's Note:

Sunset Shimmer will should not outlive her friends.

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