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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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A Shot of Gin on a Cold Night, by Masterweaver

"Stupid Wondercolts. Stupid uncle. Stupid horse-girl-deity!"

Juniper Montage grumbled as she stormed through the mall, the screens around her showing the same music video over, and over, and over. Everywhere she went there were people worshiping it—sometimes literally—as though it was some master work of art.

It was a song with dancing girls. That was all it was. Why couldn't anyone see that?

With a loud sigh, she let her head beat against a wall. "It's been two months. Why are people still so enraptured with this nonsense?!"

"The power of glamour cannot be underestimated."

She whirled, her hands curling into fists on instinct. "Hey, I took self defense and I'm an earth aspect, I don't think--"

"I do not wish to fight you," the woman said, waving her hand. "In fact, I believe I can assist... or rather, point you at assistance."

Juniper frowned. "What do you mean, exactly?"

"Not here. Too many ears." She tilted her head, indicating a nearby shop. "Go to the shirts. I will be there in ten minutes."

The woman walked off, leaving Juniper confused. She glanced at the store—another Cool Topic branch—and after a moment gave a frustrated sigh. "It's not like I have anything better to do..."

The shirts, at least, were interesting to look at. Some were silly nonsense... not too few had Sunset Shimmer and a fun little quote. She had to smile at the one where she was being pelted by oranges. 'Sometimes I don't know why I bother' indeed. A few other customers and workers moved through the dense collection of pop culture wares.

"There is a man—"

She jumped, dropping the Doctor shirt she had been examining. "What? Oh. You." With a flustered blush she gathered up the garment and stuffed it hastily back on the shelf. "Do you just like sneaking up on people?"

"It keeps me in form," the woman replied, a small smile on her face. "Do you wish assistance or not?"

"....I might as well listen. Go on."

"There is a man, gathering.... uniquely minded individuals. I do not know his goals, but I do know what he has promised, and what he has promised would be a great boon to those who oppose... her." The woman nodded at the shirts. "I've no doubt his group will seek you out, once they hear your story."

Juniper frowned. "I'm not looking for vengeance on Sunset Shimmer. I'm not stupid."

"No. You are not. They, however... are. Or rather, obsessed to a point where they do not realize what they are attempting."

"So... what? You want me to tell them not to be?"

"I feel you should join them. Pretend to loathe the godling and her impact as they do. And watch their benefactor closely."

Juniper looked at the shirts. "You want me to be your spy."

"The man knows of me, and that I know much. Were I to question him directly, I do not doubt he would attempt to chain me. You, on the other hand, are to him merely another acquisition in the waiting, and nothing is so easily excused as the curiosity of the young."

"Hmmph." Juniper crossed her arms. "And how will I know what to ask? How do you expect me to keep in contact with you?"

The woman produced a smartphone, her eyebrow quirked.

"Right, duh. Of course." Juniper face-palmed. "So if I agree to this... what is in it for me?"

"The man will grant you power; power he cannot control or deny, once granted, though only when he has seven under his sway. In spying for me you will learn of him, and what he knows of her and her friends. And the three he already has... one is remarkably unremarkable, one is cunning and capable, and one is an interesting reflection. They all plot against him already; you would need only befriend them, and you could bend them to your will."

"That's very cryptic."

"I cannot afford to tell you more. Not unless you agree."

"Right, plausible deniability. Fine." Juniper pulled her own phone out. "What's your contact info?"

"I'd rather yours."

"I'm the one that's going to be risking my life joining a bunch of crazies!"

"Hmm. Very well. 31732 719475 is my number. Texts only."

"Yeah, sure." Juniper Montage punched the number in. "I'll keep in contact with you. Once a week, if I can. And... crap, I'm actually going to do this, aren't I?"

"He has them running in circles while he waits for what he wants. Prepare for a long journey... and take care not to be noticed." The woman walked away, a mirror in her hand. "There is more at play here then what should be."

Author's Note:

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