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Stoking the Firemind, by SaintAbsol

Author's Note:

I strongly recommend reading Pest Control before reading this one.

There were often times that Jace found himself wondering how Niv-Mizzet managed to get anything done in his perpetually dark office.

While Jace's ego would have been quick to claim that he was the one that got things done, and he was only still the Vice Principal out of his own humility, the rational part of his mind reminded him that Niv-Mizzet did still have final say on quite a lot of matters pertaining to the school board, as well as holding enough sway with certain members that even Abacus Cinch's legendary 'Reputation' would be hard pressed to counter him.

Which, of course, just made denying him his occasional obsessions all the harder to do.

Jace made sure to keep his face impassive as the principal continued to stare at the television, watching shaky videos of young 'Saint' Applejack as she did battle with an insectoid abomination. Vines, wood, and even an actual tree at one point all seeming to spring out of nowhere as she fought with it, her eyes visibly flashing green each time. And through it all, Niv-Mizzet barely seemed to blink as he watched in silence.

Finally, after the report cut back to the news room, he muted the device with a gesture. "Her skill with pentachromatic mana is growing," Niv-Mizzet said at last, his gaze shifting to Jace. "One could almost say she has a gift for it."

"She has skill with it," Jace diplomatically responded. "That doesn't make her a prodigy."

"It still makes her interesting." Niv-Mizzet's hand fingered a coin of some sort, the markings on it long since rubbed away by the man's subconscious habit. "It also makes her a perfect candidate for our collection."

"We had an agreement, Niv-Mizzet." Jace knew better than to make his tone accusatory, but even he couldn't hold in the entirety of his nerves at the moment.

Thankfully, the principal was engrossed in the television display once more, now displaying the gigantic girl as she jogged alongside a highway. "I have not forgotten my word, Vice Principal Beleren. You will still have the time you requested; however, I do suggest you try to be very... persuasive with Canterlot High's vice principal, as well as its principal should it come to that." Jace's throat suddenly felt dry and the room quite a bit warmer as Niv-Mizzet glared at him out of the corner of his eye. "I do not have much patience for needless delays."

The sensation was gone just as it came, and Jace gulped, feeling some sweat running from his brow and down his face. "Of course, Sir."

"Good." Niv-Mizzet turned back to the television and waved one of his hands. "You are dismissed."

Jace had to concentrate to keep his steps slow and measured as he exited the office, releasing a breath he'd only been half aware he was holding as soon as he'd closed the door. "...may all the gods damn this job," he muttered. "And damn me for accepting it." With a final shake of his head, Jace headed toward his office, already organizing his thoughts for what he'd have to do tomorrow evening.
He was going to need a lot of protective spells for the coming conversation.

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