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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Crystal Clear Waters, by SaintAbsol

Everfree Lake was still in the night.

Its waters were as glass, reflecting the midnight moon high above.

The noises of the forest were unnaturally faint, and only growing quieter as the midnight hour approached ever faster. Finally, right as the moon was directly overhead, all natural sounds stopped, and bubbles began to rise to the surface of the lake.

More and more came, rising with greater speed and intensity until the center of the lake frothed like it was boiling. Suddenly, from the center of the bubbling mass, a humanoid figure emerged with a guttural yell; it was clad in what looked to be a half-rotted leather jacket, a waterlogged shirt visible beneath it, and a chipped and cracked hockey mask that seemed almost melded to its face. A hand that was indistinguishable from a rotten glove raised a machete as it loosed another bellow into the night air...

And was impaled through the eye socket of the mask by a shining golden arrow.

Sunset Shimmer lowered her hand as she watched the figure sink back into the depths of the lake, turning to the siblings who owned the camp. "That should take care of him for a while, but I'm still working on a way to get rid of things like this permanently."

Gloriosa Daisy nodded, nervously fingering her flower necklace. "So... the camp will be safe to open now, right?"

"Oh, yeah; that arrow will keep him down for at least a year and a half. I may not be able to kill things like him yet, but I can at least make it hard for them to come back."

Timber Spruce just looked at at the lake, the final remnants of the frothing from earlier finally fading away. "Urban Legends," he said, shaking his head. "I almost can't believe it, even with magic."

"Yeah..." Sunset nervously rubbed at the back of her head. "Turns out, if enough people believe in something, even a horror story, it technically counts as mythology. And when there's enough mythology for something, and just the right combination of magic, you can get all sorts of weird things. It's what makes these things so hard to kill for good; since, well, most horror stories don't have a way to kill the monster."

Both of the siblings nodded at that, the sounds of the forest slowly returning to their natural nocturnal levels.

Sunset slipped her hands in her pockets and rocked back on her heels. "Anyway... if there's nothing else, I should probably get going. I may not actually need to sleep anymore, but I'd still like to get a few hours in before school."

Gloriosa shook her head. "No, we should be good now that he's taken care of; have a nice night."

Sunset smiled, and simply vanished, leaving the two of them alone in the night.

Timber yawned and stretched a bit, finally taking his eyes off the lake and back to his sister. "Well, that was easier than I expected. Guess you were right about calling her in."

"I told you it was the right thing to do." Gloriosa tapped her brother on the chest with a smirk. "And you wanted to actually try and fight him."

Timber shrugged. "Call it stereotypical male bravado. I figured we kinda had to." He paused, biting his lip nervously. "You think we should have mentioned... you know?"

Gloriosa tilted her head, then blinked and started to chuckle. "You mean, that old story mom and dad used to tell us to keep us from wandering off into the forest?" She eventually reached the point of full on laughter as she doubled over. "I think Sunset has more pressing issues than something no one outside of our family has even heard of."

Timber eventually joined his sister in laughing, though not as heartily as she did. "Yeah, I suppose you're right. There's probably scarier things out there than Gaea Everfree." Timber chuckled once more, heading back toward the counselor's cabin to get some sleep in himself.

"Yeah," Gloriosa said as she followed. "Probably."

With his back to her, Timber missed as Gloriosa's eyes became pools of black tar with glowing embers for pupils within them, if only for a moment.

Author's Note:

Canonicity's pretty darn iffy on this one. The necessary belief threshold for a meme to incarnate itself is probably higher than most urban legends will hit. Probably.

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