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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Spreading Trends, by SaintAbsol and FoME


It was rather unnerving to see the school late at night, or so Rarity thought. The building just didn't look right looking so... empty and void of light or electricity; that it was well after midnight and she was alone didn't help matters. She shivered as a light breeze blew by, surprisingly cool even after the heat of the day, and wrapped her jacket a bit tighter around her. She would rather have been at home, in her nice, comfortable, exquisitely designed bed, but she had something she needed to get done, and this was the only time that Sunset wouldn't notice what she was doing... hopefully.

The base of the school's statue suddenly glowed, and a figure staggered out of it.

She was a pale white unicorn aspect, with a spiky collage of hair in purple, green, and yellow, wearing what looked to be a leather jacket and a pair of shorts that were just shy of being risque. "Well, that was something." The unicorn aspect did her best to stand upright, and looked at Rarity. As the girl opened her mouth, the newcomer cut her off with, "Don't ask. It involved a mix-up with a pair of potions that I'm at least as much to blame for as anypony else."

"Oh, good," Rarity said. "I was afraid I had been seduced into a punk band."

"No, but I think I've managed to start a punk revival in Ponyville." Rarity's Equestrian counterpart chuckled a bit, reminiscing. "Anyway, we've gotten off track here." Reaching into the pocket of her jacket, she pulled out a relatively small bag and held it out. "From what you've told me, gold is more valuable in your world than in Equestria, so this should be enough of a start-up loan."

It was all Rarity could do to not snatch the bag out of her counterpart's hand, instead gently taking it, and gripping it tightly so as not to open it for a peek. "Most likely, yes."

"Good," the transformed Equestrian said with an almost maniacal smirk. "Once you've gotten things set up here, I'll start sending you a few of my designs for you to modify."

"And," Rarity said with a matching smile, "once I've turned a profit, I'll send you a few of mine as well."

"And then, the first multidimensional franchise shall be established—"

"—and the fabulosity shall last FOREVER!"

As one, both Rarities threw their heads back and burst into mad laughter. All that was missing was a flash of lightning and thunder to complete the moment.


Sunset dismissed the scrying window hanging over her bed. "Should I tell them I always keep half an eye on the portal?"

Next to her, Twilight giggled. "That depends. Should one of us tell P-Rarity that the first outfit the portal gives you seems to become your default for all future trips to this universe?"

"I think we'll let her figure that out."

Author's Note:

There are certain risks to having the same voice actress as Nightmare Moon.

SA blames this chapter entirely on this comment and my response thereto.

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