• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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It Was Going to Happen Eventually, by EonAon

A loud echoing boom resounded through Canterlot High. Most folks looked up and resumed what they were doing, considering it was a Tuesday. They all knew they would eventually find out what made that noise, especially on a Tuesday.

A pink blur ran through the hallways searching for the only one that could right this terrible terrible circumstance.

"Sunset, come quick! You have to help us in the NAHTI facility!"

"Why? What happened, Pinkie?"

"I was helping Mr. Discord in the NAHTI with some experiments and well a little bit of LAUGHTER seeped out and we blew out the walls.

"Annnd this concerns me how? I know Mr. Discord can put a few walls back with a literal snap of his fingers."

"Normally, yeah, but one of the walls we broke, Mr. Discord cant seem to touch."

"... How is that even possible? He can do nearly anything except organize his sock drawer with his powers. What possible thing can a simple wall do to prevent him from fixing it?"

"Well, the first wall was easy, but now it seems to be brick instead of cinderblocks. The second turned out nicely but the plaster and lathe seems be gingerbread and frosting. The third is pretty much back to normal but seems to have a door that goes anywhere."

"Wait, anywhere?"

"Anywhere on Earth apparently. There's sort of a dial on the door that you turn and it randomly opens up one of five thousand preset areas. I think I'm gonna book a trip with the travel agency Mr. Discord plans to open up for Spring Break."

"O... kay, but that still doesn't explain why I need to fix a wall."

"Oh! Well, when he tried to fix the fourth wall nothing seemed to happen. He snapped his fingers five or six times and nothing would appear. Apparently when he looked closer at the underlying substrate he found it became too self-referential for him to affect, so he asked me to get you for help. He said something about a Sue."

"I still don't know why I should make a wall for you. I mean, if he can't make it, I know that Principal Celestia has some mortar and bricks for him."

"Nope, it can't wait that long! The wall has to be built before next period or else we're all doomed!"

"It's just a wall, Pinkie! As long as it's not load bearing, I don't see why we need to replace it right now."

"That wall is also the one that connects to the back of the girls' locker room, Sunset. Gym classes are a thing."

"... Next time, Pinkie, lead with that. I'll be right there to fix that fourth wall."

Author's Note:

Sunset never could get the hang of Tuesdays.

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