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I mostly write porn. Very very slowly. Deal with it.


User Voted Story · 12:11pm Mar 11th, 2018

I'm working on a little something- some cheap and simple porn with no overarching plot. The concept is simple; Dash is rooting around for something to do at a sleepover at Sunset's place, comes across a deck of cards Sunset didn't know she had, and they find out too late that it's magic (it'll take the readers all of five seconds to figure out who's responsible for this) as it transforms their bodies. They're forced to play until one person achieves ten wins, the losers being transformed each

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Thanks for the favourite on Trixie's Commentary!

Thanks for the favorite.

Did you got any Halloween story idea yet? Halloween is coming up tomorrow and it be end of the month.

Would you be willing to take a fic request?

While I have no intention of reading anything from you (I'm not into clop), I gotta give credit to you for sheer originality. I have not seen premises to porn, this... imaginative.

  • Viewing 46 - 50 of 50
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