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Have you ever heard about the theory about how subatomic particles can pop into existence at random? Well, replace subatomic particles with updates and you have my writing style in a nutshell.


This is a parody of the "How It Should Have Ended" series on YouTube.

A collection of alternate scenarios for how the Equestria Girls movies could have - and should have - ended.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! This was hilarious and I loved it! I hope that you can try to figure out alternate takes for the chapters you already did. Oh, and I'd love to see all the antics that happen with the other movies and specials as well! Like after Everfree, Pinkie keeps suggesting throwing a soda can after charging it with her geode powers to deal with major threats.

A little tired of how dumb the heroes was like Twilight at the statue but besides that it was good!

Do How Anon-A-Miss should have ended

Pretty funny, but one problem that needs to be pointed out about her age. Sunset Shimmer left Equestria at a somewhat young age, but she was definitely older like in her teens than Twilight who not only was at the castle with Shining Armor and Cadence either before the Rainboom or afterwards, hard to say when she actually visited since Spike wasn't with her but might've been in a crib, but Twilight at the time looked to be at least 5 years old given in the present when Sunset stole the crown, Twilight was an adult living on her own with a job and thus being a young adult, had to at least be in her 20's, and Spike was looking to around 10 years old by his body type, but could really be 15 since dragons bodies age very slowly and since he acts pretty mature at times not to mention the time gap where he was hatched a newborn during the sonic rainboom and Twilight looked to have still been 5. Given that logic Sunset by the time she stole the crown should actually be at least in her 20's and at most her 30's. The portal just turns you into the body type of the human counterpart and I don't think it's stated how old Sunset's human body is nor the Humane 6 for that matter given the time differences between Equestria Earth and Equestria.

Which means she can be served a drink and Batman as weird as it is with him can date her legally.

XD Another great chapter! My favorite parts were the start with Batman and Superman just being in the same cafe as the Dazzlings, DJ Pon-3 mistaking them as strippers she hired, and the end with the girls just kicking the Dazzlings before it goes to the Villain Pub. XD

“But do you know what we did right?”


Adagio smiled. “Make the best My Little Pony movie ever.”

Damn right you are!

Very amusing tales capturing the spirit of HISHE and done well with the EG movies.

Freaking amazing work on this, so funny too.

I mean why was the Mirror in the Crystal Empire in the first place? Frankly it would have made much more sense if the royal summit had taken place in Canterlot. It would also explain why Shining Armor wasn't seen in the movie.

Again great work.

:D I love the series and this is a great take on it

The train sped along the tracks on the way to the Crystal Empire. Inside the train, Sunset Shimmer walked down the aisle, wearing a hat and apron, wheeling a cart in front of her.

I love things like this.

Great work on this, Very funny!

I want nothing more than for someone to animate this as a HISHE parody.

Thanks for the update and the coming back!

I really missed this fic.

Suddenly looking up, she noticed a couple of girls across the cafeteria, dressed very seductively, dancing on the tables, giving some sort of performance… and the girl quickly raced over to them, with an excited smiled on her face. “Oh, cool. You must be the strippers I ordered.”

The sudden and unexpected outburst caused the orange girl – supposedly the leader – to halt in what she was doing.

This legit made me laugh out loud

Waiting of Legend of Everfree and Forgotten Friendship

Can you do a "How Anon-A-Miss" should have ended?

Over already? What about Legend of Everfree and Forgotten Friendship?

Well that was really sweet.

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