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Just a bad writer coming your way, with mediocre ideas ;)

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New possible story? · 8:27am Mar 19th, 2019

This may be interesting for some of you out there. I'm currently writing a new story! Hooray...

Yeah I know I haven't finished Twilight The Vampony but this new story is just what I need to get back into the action of that story. Have a preview ;) :

Dear Diary…

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I always find alternative stories really great to read, and you’re good at writing it in detail. I’m happy I found it.

Thanks for the fave on my "Caught and Punished" story! Is there anything in particular that stand out that you like about it so far?

Oh, thank you kindly. I will read this in the meantime. I’ve already read the chapters of this one, sonits nice to have something to distract me while I wait. Once again thanks

2840348 You know, this story you like is actually a soft sequel. If you want, you can start with the prequel that is already published in full:

ESweetie Belle Gains a Soul
In her darkest hour, Sweetie Belle finds salvation, but with it comes a terrible curse.
Bad Dragon · 131k words  ·  157  29 · 4.5k views

I can't help you with your addiction, but I sure can feed it.

I love it already. Help me, I’m addicted.

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