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Love MLP, Steven Universe and Star Vs the Forces of Evil. Also enjoying The Owl House.

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Thanks for the watch.

That's a great characterization of her. Yes she's obviously strict but being involved with the Equestria Games she's of course interested in athletic ambitions like athletes pushing themselves to be the best.

My views of her are swayed by stories I've read where she's working hard dealing with the Equestria Games. One of my favorites being Love is Harsh a story of an Anon who is both grateful to Ms. Harshwhinny for a job and admires her for her hard work ethic. He offers to treat her to a lunch/dinner on Hearts and Hooves day and she reluctantly agrees leading to a rather sweet romance.

The other version of her that I've read is mainly from two similar stories, A Harsh and Troubled Romance and Professional in the Streets where Ms. Harshwhinny is seeking a one night stand. in one she finds Troubleshoes and the other Sunburst.

Whether you come up with a story more faithful her cannon or in light of her reminding you of a PE teacher, perhaps recasting her as a Canterlot High coach I trust your portrayal of her personality will be a suitable fit.

Regardless I wish you good luck with the story(ies) you're working on and I hope someday you'll figure out a good story for Ms. Harshwhinny and others.


When it comes to Ms. Harshwhinny, I tend to think of her as being somewhat like my elementary school PE teacher, work you really hard and get you to push your limits. I've never even thought of her in a romantic sense, or sexual sense. She is one of the few characters I've never looked outside of their canon personality with.

That's good to hear. I wouldn't want you to rush a story. I'd prefer that you got a good handle on their personalities or at least how you would like portrait them before writing a story for them.

For Harshwinny, I like two version of her. One, as a strict but lonely woman hesitant to accept companionship that she craves. Or two, a cougar prowling for an unsuspecting stud.

Granted that more story premise rather than cannon personality details.

Good luck figuring her out and a fun story that fits. Take care.


Thanks for the watch. Regarding the characters you brought up, I'd need to get their characters down better before I would do any stories involving them.

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