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Love MLP, Steven Universe and Star Vs the Forces of Evil. Also enjoying The Owl House.

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Well I enjoy Fallout Girls so much that I know I'll enjoy the side story you're writing. Just need time to read the latest chapter of the main story before I start the side story.

I'm pretty excited to be honest. I think you mentioned this fic a few chapters ago in the main story.

Thanks for adding Fallout Girls: Side Stories to your library!

Tale of two Cutie Marks is not DEAD per se.... just on Hiatus as its idea gets incorporates in a much more massive project.

If you like Nyx you should probably follow me though... that project will be novel length and Nyx is the main character.

Actually you got the cause and effect reversed. The stories are inspired by the art.

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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