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Imagine that My Little Pony's musical numbers weren't just an artifact of the cartoon — that when ponies burst out into song, it was because the song was literally happening. (Or, y'know, don't imagine, just look at late-season canon. :raritywink:)

In such a world, someone would need to keep ponies safe from out-of-control or misused musical numbers. That's the job of the Versebreakers, and these are their stories.

This group is for fics that:
1) Are set in a world with literal musical numbers; and
2) Feature (or mention) at least one character whose job is to stop them.

The "core" Versebreaker saga — the "Verse-verse"? — begins with horizon's Fugue State and On The Roof. In that continuity, the Versebreakers are a well-known organization based out of Canterlot, with a lengthy legacy of villain redemption and some distinct philosophies about music and Harmony.

However, this group welcomes all interpretations of Versebreakers, so if you like the core idea but want to put your own spin on it, join in the fun! :twilightsmile:

Drop Horizon a PM if you want to write something in the core continuity. (You can assume permission to use the idea is given — but that way he can help you get the details square and help signal-boost it.) For all other takes on the Versebreaker concept that fit the two rules above, the "Main" folder is for fics centered on song-breaking protagonists and the "Cameos" folder is for stories in which they show up or play a minor role.

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