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What are Shipping Projects?

Shipping projects are ongoing stories which follow the progress of a relationship between two characters over the course of the television series. Each chapter is linked to an episode from the show as some sort of prelude or postscript to the episode which further explores the relationship between the two characters and how the events of the show impacted them - or how their relationship impacted the events of the show.

Why should I care?

Because they're a fun idea. They are heavily constrained writing, due to the fact that you have no control over what happens in the show and as a result have to write around it, a task made all the more difficult by the fact that none of the ships are, in fact, canon.

How many of these stories exist?

As of right now, there are four such projects:

The AppleDash Project (and its sequel) by Bookplayer - This was the inspiration for all the others, and is also by far the longest, with seasons 1 and 2 fully completed, and season 3 part-way done.

The TwiDash Project by bats and Subsolar Drift

The RariDash Project by Jake R

The TwiJack Project by Jake R

Can I start my own shipping project?

It's not like anyone can stop you. Once you post your story, let us know in this thread so we can add your project to the list.

Shipping projects are not for everyone, including writers who procrastinate, have five things going on at once, or who really hate having to care about canon. Side effects may include excessive amounts of time obsessing over how to make an episode fit into continuity, archive binging, and severe shipping goggles. Do not use Equestria Girls in conjunction with shipping projects, as it may cause rare but serious side effects such as spontaneous fingers, canimorphida, and bleeding from the eyes. Consult your editors before use.

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I'm starting a FlutterDash project right now

Would The Sunshine Chronicles technically be one of these? It's not a "project" so much as chronicling Applejack's pregnancy, and her and Rainbow raising a foal together.

361322 ...thus meaning that the challenge is possibly accepted.

There's no particular reason why it couldn't be any pairing at all, and indeed, some time ago there was discussion of what it would be like, but no one took the bait of actually going for it.

One of the biggest difficulties is the fact that a lot of the auxiliary cast just doesn't show up very often, and some of them add additional difficulties due to not living in Ponyville or other constraints.

361319 I was actually considering doing a TwiLuna, but the idea of OctaScratch seems like quite the challenge.

I'd be overjoyed if you somehow managed to write a TaviScratch Project.

Question -- are these projects limited to just intra-mane-six ships or can we do any pairing we want?

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