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Going to a convention and want to arrange a meetup, or share a ride or a room? This is the place!

Two convention-related groups were created at the same time. Rather than competing or eliminating one, we gave them non-overlapping purposes:

"My My Little Pony Convention Experience": A group to post convention reviews after the convention, or discussions that aren't specific to one convention in one particular year.

"Convention Planning" (this group): A place to plan for conventions that haven't happened yet.

Convention Planning should have one thread per convention per year. Example:
- "BronyCon 2016 (July 8-10), Baltimore MD". Anybody may create such a thread. You don't need to ask permission. Just make sure it has the convention name, year, date, & location, with a link to the website in your comment.

If you have something you want to post, but aren't sure whether it belongs here--just post it. Right now we need activity more than we need rules.

What's okay to list in either group: Conventions about
- MLP, Furries
- SF, Fantasy, faerie festivals, steampunk, SCA
- Filk, fandom, RPG, LARP, gaming
- Writing, Storytelling, Movie-making, Animation, Anime
- Comic conventions? Eh, if you want to. :duck:

If the group gets a lot of threads, I may begin to worry about what shouldn't be posted, but at present that isn't an issue.

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