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"Tim, you're just so nice nobody could hate you. We all are secretly in love with you." ~bats


Starting over is never an easy thing to do. Lost, alone, and cold, sometimes a friendly smile and mug of cocoa are all that's needed to warm the heart.

And right now, Bon Bon is very cold.

Preread by Carabutt and Crystal Wishes.

Cover art by Rossby Waves.

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It's such a delight to see this finally posted :3c

Great story Tim! I love romantic Lyra and Bon Bon stories.

Ok, I feel warmer. Particularly around the heart.

Run Bon Bon! You could still escape the horrors that visit this Celestia forsaken town!

Thank you! LyraBon is one of my favourite ships to write. There's something about them that makes it so much fun.

Mission accomplished.

Oh, the naivety of youth :trollestia:

Surprising to see generic praise all having downvotes. You might have a troll lurking. Ironic given Bon Bon’s former career. Still, good story, I like that they build toward the beginnings of a steady relationship without either going overboard.

i gotta ask, any plan for sequel? i find this will be way to cute to miss out on

Someone seemed to be prowling through the new stories box downvoting stories and their comments. Bookish Delight posted a new story just a few minutes after this went up, and we both got a bit of a spam. It looks like it's been cleared up from the stories themselves, though.

I don't know if I can promise a direct sequel to this story, but I can say I will likely be writing LyraBon again sometime. I really love writing these two, and I know I'll be drawn back to them again. :twilightsmile:

...welp i'll take it

Yeah, but then she wouldn't have Lyra in her life.

Don't give up hope yet! Who knows? I might be bit by an inspiration bug to write them finding Bon Bon's candy shop :raritywink:

And what a sad life that would be ::solemn_nod::

the dream is real

Beautiful and quite heart warming story!

Lyra's one of the horrors. Just a really lovable one.


And what a sad life that would be ::solemn_nod::

Right? Bon Bon without Lyra would be so, sad.

Thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

So lovable that Bon Bon will have to forgive her when she eats all of the specially imported oats. Every single time.

Who would lovingly serenade Bon Bon while she's hard at work in the kitchen making candy? :duck:

Exactly. Also I honestly love the more vivacious, bubbly, and outgoing idea of Lyra you're using. This is the best kind of Lyra; the one that is slightly goofy, warm hearted, and easily lovable.

Sweet story. I like it a lot. But I don't understand this line.

"A sighfell from the m- Bon Bon's lips"

What is that? Trying to hide something? I didn't see any reference to that in either chapter.

It's not something explicitly stated in the story, but this picks up right from where Bon Bon has ended her life as "Secret Agent Sweetie Drops." That line is more meant to show her trying to get used to her new name.

Thank you for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

“Are you always this impossible?”

:pinkiegasp: Lyra impossible? Never!

At the beginning, I was expecting the POV to be Lyra. Gotta say, great use of Bon Bon's spy backstory.

I'm indeed feeling warmer, mission accomplished.
Great job, this was delightfully fluffy.

A wonderful Lyra-Bon Bon shipfic! Very heartwarming and wonderfully written. I won’t ask you for a squeal or continuation, but like others I defiantly feel it’s something I would love to read. Oh and I have this picture which I feel would perfectly fit the point in which these two shared their first kiss.

I think you all would like it. Stay warm everyone.

I really liked this one! It was just so fluffy and cute, it made my day! :twilightsmile:

The cold sucks!

...oh and I guess the story is good too. Needs more hot chocolate though... wait what are we talking about again?

Thank you, both! Very glad to hear you enjoyed it. A little fluff helps get you through a lot, I think.

Inspiration and ideas strike when you least expect it, so I wouldn't be surprised if I found myself writing something more for them. Again, unsure if it'll be a direct sequel, but I can likely foresee more LyraBon in my future.

Also that piece is just darling. Thank you for sharing it :twilightsmile:

Hot chocolate, I think. The question is, how many marshmallows?


But are we talking about mini-marshmallows, regular sized marshmallows or extra large marshmallows?

i found this to be very enjoyable to read. i thank you for writing this.

this story has made me realize i was missing something from my life....Lyra X Bon Bon stories....now i crave moooore!

Well now, this was fairly sweet and heartwarming and all that.

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