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A year after the first Hearth's Warming, unification hasn't gone as smoothly as ponies would have hoped. Old grudges and hostilities flare up despite the best efforts from their leaders. By the time the second Hearth's Warming has come around, cold, bitter feelings claw once more at Princess Platinum's heart.

Things take a turn for the weirder when she finds a tree in her living room and Commander Hurricane in her kitchen. He promises that there's a simple explanation for everything.

The only catch is that the 'explanation' will take all night. Generous though she may be, Platinum can settle for two hours.

The clock is ticking, Hurricane.

Written as a Christmas present for Fahrenheit, posted now after giving time for Farrie to savour it first.

Cover art by Rossby Waves.
Preread by Carabutt.

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It was an absolute joy to preread this/pester you to put it up~


I like the chapter titles. They read so... sarcastic XD

That was absolutely adorable.




Time is a very valuable commodity, especially to a princess! Any suitor should know better than to waste his lady's time.


Thank you! I thought something fluffy and adorable would be the way to go for a Christmas present. I am glad you enjoyed :twilightsmile:

How does this not have more attention? It's wonderful!


Thank you for saying so!

As for attention, it's probably a combination of Christmas-story-posted-in-January and characters that aren't very popular. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment, and I'm glad that you liked it. :twilightsmile:

7868459 How could I not read it and love it? Personally I love stories involving the 'real' Founders and of course I'm a sucker for romance.


That makes two of us! Romance has always been a (guilty) pleasure of mine and it's by far my favourite genre to write.

I also have found myself increasingly enjoying playing with characters that aren't as "defined" in canon as the main set of characters are. We don't really know all that much about Platinum and Hurricane, really, and I really enjoy seeing the ways in which people write them. Fahrenheit, for whom I wrote this, has a really good story featuring these two and I really like how she writes their characters.

I waited WAY too long to read this. And what a fantastic read it was. The characterization of Hurricane and Platinum was flawless, unique and yet familiar. The banter was well paced and the romance was crafted like a renaissance statue. Well done, well done indeed.

If you ever feel like, i don't know, continuing this in some way, that would be awesome.

I'd just like to take a moment to mention how much better your writing has become. Your growth as a writer has been astounding since you joined this site—and if you don't believe me, read this and then take a peek at Head in the Clouds, which I just reread last week (not that HitC was bad, mind you.)

I think it's rather interesting that common fanon has the Commander as a stallion, and everyone else in the Founding Six as mares. Is it just because he's a military leader? Because Dash played him? Because he's portrayed as aggressive and authoritative? Nowhere in the episode is it stated that Hurricane is male vs female, but nearly everyone assumed s/he was a he.

Regardless, your portrayal of him in this story is much different than I expected. I like this charming, mischievous interpretation of him. I'll have more to say about it, of course, after I've finished the story.

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I like to think I've grown a fair bit since those earlier days. My first story was posted in 2013, so I would honestly hope I've improved somewhat since then! Thank you for saying, though. That does mean a lot from someone who was there reading my earlier work.

For Commander Hurricane, the little bit on the Founders from the mlp wiki describes Hurricane as male, having been changed to a female to fit the context of the play where Rainbow Dash took on the role. Otherwise, I'm glad you enjoy him. He's a lot of fun to write. All Platinum wants is to be properly wooed, and Hurricane is ready to deliver.

Excellent work. This will take some of the chill off the upcoming winter.

This is like Love Actually level adorable here, in miniature.

“Come on, Platty!” he would say, eyes alight with mischievous delight while the tips of his wing danced down her side. “You can’t blame me for wanting to hear the pretty princess squeal like the filly she is.

Seriously. Dialogue like this needs to be regulated by a psychiatrist... and then prescribed in extremely high dosages for just about everyone.

I’m quite close to personally plucking your feathers to stuff my pillow

I may steal this at some point... :moustache:

What I loved about this story is how it captures two legendary historical characters and spins them from the original vision seen in the Hearth's Warming Pagent into something that still felt very much like Rainbow and Rarity, but remained very distinctive at the same time. They were inspired, but definitely original at the same time. That's what made it really magical. Especially Hurricane's final little act... and Platinum's plots to make sure he pays for it... forever. And just how much they'll both enjoy that payment... forever.

Eeeeeeeeee. So. Damn. Cute.


Dropped in due to a recommendation from the Seattle's Angels group and was not disappointed.

Top notch little story with good characterisations and a story that draws you in quickly and makes you wish for more as it ends.

Time to peruse your story archive.

Absolutely enjoyed reading this one! I won't go into too many details, since anything that I can possibly add has already been said by others, so I'll just thank you for posting this wonderful story, even if it took me entirely too long before I finally got around to reading it.

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