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Just some Fanfic fan that perpetually has his stories in the planning stages (I swear I'll start writing them some day, honest!).


The Bawdy Pegasus Farmhand - Parody Story · 1:12pm Apr 19th, 2016

AKA: The Lusty Pegasus Changeling

What do you get when you take The Elder Scroll's "The Lusty Argonian Maid" story and mash it together with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? If you guessed this little project, then well, yuuuupp!

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eBook Conversions for Fanfictions

This is a convenient resource for those that want the eBooks I made from various fanfictions I've read. Naturally, I'll include links to the original Fanfiction page. I did also post them there, but they could end up buried in the comments and this way, well, it's much more convenient no? I made them for myself originally, since I hate reading stories on my computer. I decided to convert them to more formats and share them because at that point, it's not much extra work. For the most part, I left the originals more or less unaltered (not much editing, generally, a little formatting). The changes I make I generally make a note of either on the first page, or as a "Shadow Note" (or the like) at the end of a chapter. The books are downloaded in a RAR archive, but that shouldn't be a problem for anyone to unpack.

Oh and apologies, I forgot to include the original ODT (and the HTML conversions) I worked with, though the ZIP files contained within the RAR archives do have a backup of the HTML version, as part of the automated process of archiving them. If for some reason you REALLY want them, I could upload them for you. .ODT is a LibreOffice format, though I would think it should be able to open in OpenOffice as well.

Formats: MOBI (Kindle), ePub, LIT, PDF, and RTF
Table of Contents
Cover Image
Calibre Metadata

The Bawdy Pegasus Farmhand - by Shadow of Death
The Bawdy Pegasus Farmhand
Download - RTF w/ Image Only

Bright Eyes - by Agent Bookfort
Bright Eyes

Buggy and the Beast - by Georg
Buggy and the Beast

Changelings, Love and Lollipops - Georg
Changelings, Love and Lollipops

Chase and Command Me Series - by Pusspuss
Chase Me
Command Me

Confession and Acceptance Series - by Pusspuss
Lyra's Confession
Bon Bon's Acceptance

The Flowing Barony Series - by Georg
The One Who Got Away

Living and Dying in Equestria Series - by TwilightsmyMare
Living and Dying in Equestria
The First Year
The Second Year: Gravidity

Honey Pie Series - by SPark
Honey Pie
Honey Pie II: The Wrath of Chrysalis
Download - Contains both stories

Misunderstandings by The Rogue Wolf

My New Life in Equestria - by HAZESHIFT
My New Life in Equestria: Helping has its ups and downs

No, I am not a Brony! - by BronyWriter
No, I am not a Brony - Get me out of Equestria!

Past Sins & Side Stories - by Pen Stroke
Past Sins
Unfortunately, I haven't made an eBook of this since I already have a
physical copy (though only a second edition, unfortunately ~_~).
I DID find a link which contains links to the ePub, Mobi (Kindle), and PDF versions.
There is also the great audiobook by Illya Leonov, I made and tagged (and edited a cover for) an Archive of this production.
First Hours
In the Family Trilogy - Trinkets, Nightmare or Nyx?, & Winter Bells
The Road Home

The Traveling Showpony and the Bug - by Georg
Trixie and Her Amazing Pet Changeling

Vinyl and Octavia: University Days & Nights - by Dawnfade
University Days
University Nights [Clop]
University Days & Nights Compilation
In the compilation, the content from 'University Nights' is integrated into 'University Days', so there is no need to pause your reading to switch between the two. This is the most convenient way to read this story with clop, obviously.

Project: Sunflower - by Hoopy McGee
Project Sunflower
Sunflower - Side Projects

Voices and Strangers - by Tystarr
A Voice Among the Strangers
A Stranger Among the Voices (Incomplete - Ch 07 "Deceit" Current)

Winningverse Series - by Chengar Qordath (with contribution by Comma-Kazie)
A bit extensive, this. Most are written by Chengar Qordath, though there are a number of unofficial fanfics of this fanfic. I only included two of them however, and then only because they tie with the stories they're associated with and explain some things. Those two stories by Comma-Kazie are "The Incredibly Torn Mind of a Winning Daughter" and "The Road not Taken: Going Home". The books are listed in chronological order, though several take place during the events of the main story. The associated chapters are noted below.

Pack One contains: - Download
The Incredibly Apologetic Letters of Rainbow Dash
The Incredibly Blitzed Night of Rainbow Dash
The Incredibly Infuriating Co-Worker of Blossomforth
The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash
The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash - Original Version
The Life and Times of a Winning Pony
The Life and Times of a Winning Goat (Joke Story) - Read it after reading Life and Times, but I can't precisely place chronology.
The Incredibly Troubled Mind of Rainbow Dash - Takes place after the events of Chapter 10 of Life and Times
The Incredibly Lonely Morning of Blossomforth - Concurrent with Ch. 18 of Life and Times
The Incredibly Torn Mind of a Winning Daughter - (by Comma-Kazie) - Concurrently with Chapter 19 of Life and Times

There are other related books that I haven't converted to eBook format yet, I haven't even read them actually. This set is pretty close to complete though.

Pack Two Contains: - Download
The Road not Taken: Going Home (by Comma-Kazie)
The Road not Taken

I will have a Pack Three up eventually, with the sort-of-sequel featuring "Princess Twilight's Profoundly Peripheral Protector" and the follow ups.

Xenophilia - by Anonymous (Published by AnonponyDASHIE)
Xenophilia: Advanced - by SpinelStride

You do (Not) Belong - by 2dextreem
You Do (Not) Belong

Audiobook Archive - Illya Leonov et al.

Well, this module is intended for listing the Audiobooks I've archived. There aren't many, naturally. I've only archived projects that have been completed. This also was done as a starting point for Illya Leonov's own module. Each archive should have a suitable cover image I edited to credit the narrator (except for Pink Eyes, which already had its own cover with that credit). They're generally the original cover image for the fanfiction + the additional credits.

Illya Leonov's Productions:
[On Soundcloud]:

Bright Eyes - By: Agent Bookfort
Download Link
Bubbles - By: Anonymous
Download Link

Past Sins
Past Sins - By Pen Stroke
Download Link
Past Sins: Trinkets - By Pen Stroke
Download Link

Other Works:

Dinky: A Filly that is Loved - By Vincent5000x - Read by Forest Rain
Download Link
Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes - By Mimezinga - Read by Superstrider86
Download Link

*NOTE: You can listen to the original Fallout Equestria through the newer Manehattan Edition available HERE.