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Shadow of Death

Just some Fanfic fan that perpetual has his stories in the planning stages (I swear I'll start writing them some day, honest!).


Twilight tries out a spell she found in a long-lost book that is supposed to help her understand her friends better only to find out it literally puts her and her friends in each others hooves.

While Twilight tries to figure out how to get the counter spell working, she and her friends have to adapt to their new bodies and the challenges and rewards that come with them.

This is a story of body switching...

Aside: It's not really a comedy or slice of life, but (hopefully) more along the lines of something you might see in the TV show. It's also my first fanfic ever, so try to be nice and if you don't like it, some constructive criticism would be good.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 8 )

A few minor spelling mistakes, but I liked this chapter. Moar!:yay:

Thanks ^_^ I fixed the mistakes I noticed. I wrote it all in one sitting (along with 2 subsequent chapters) so I missed stuff. I forgot to proofread so yeah, thanks for the heads up on that.

I should have more chapters up by the time you read this.

Oh yeah, and the reason you couldn't see the chapter listing before was because it hadn't been published yet. Now that I have over 1K words, I published it.

OK, I'm seriously interested in the rest of this!
Good job on capturing the feel of everypony. The dialog made it clear who they were even with the switch.

Thank you very much ^_^ I was really trying to make it 'sound' like them when they were speaking. It's especially important in a story like this I think.

I'm guessing this fic either takes place before the start of Season 2 or between the episodes "Lesson Zero" and "Luna Eclipsed", this is off to a good start and it's nice to see that the book isn't just one Twilight happened to randomly stumble on to, I can't wait to see what encourages Twilight to try out the spell and how her friends react when they swap bodies. :pinkiesmile:

Now I'm thinking this takes place after the events of "Luna Eclipsed" but the exactly timeline seems too hard to tell. :applejackunsure:

One thing though I don't think Twilight would be one to just try out a new spell without reading everything she could about it first, it might have made more sense for one of Twilight's friends to encourage her to try it out. :twilightoops:

960070 I agree because otherwise you would likely leave us wondering who was whom. :applejackconfused: (This is only how I think people would feel if you didn't provide a way to tell them all apart, I'm not confused at all for right now)


I know it was a bit of a reach for her to just try the spell out, but at least I gave some reasons for it (she wanted to have something to report after several weeks). You know Twilight, whatever anypony says she likes to get things done in a timely manner. Besides, where would she read more about the spell, seeing as it is a tome full of 'lost' spells XD

There isn't really a specific time period for this story. Much like the episodes themselves, most of them are self contained (episodic) in nature.

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