A Different Perspective

by Shadow of Death

Chapter 1: Surprise!


"Ahhh!" Twilight stumbles a bit, dropping a pile of recently acquired books for her library. Unfortunately, one of the heavier tomes that was floating above her head at the time fell with a solid 'thunk' on her head.
"So sorry Twilight," apologizes Rarity, "We didn't think you'd be that surprised. It is your anniversary after all."
"That's OK," replies a slightly cross-eyed Twilight. "Wait, what?"
"Your anniversary! Dear me, don't you realize that one year to the day, you arrived in Ponyville?" exclaims Rarity.
"That's right sugar." says Applejack, "I 'member the day you came to the farm to check on how things were going with the vittles for that big do. Now that I think about it, hardly anypony ate much on account of the ruckus later.
"I ate it all!" shouts out Pinkie Pie, who as usual was jumping around excitedly, "No sense wasting it just because of some silly party crasher!"

That 'party crasher' was Princess Luna, or rather her alter ego Nightmare Moon. She had been banashed to the Moon for a thousand years. The thousandth year, as it turned out, ended that very night. Only Twilight knew what was going to happen but it turned out alright in the end. It just took herself and her five friends wielding the Elements of Harmony to depower the dastardly Nightmare Moon. Fortunately, Princess Luna saw the error of her ways and re-united with her sister Celestia. Together they watch over Equestria, night and day.

"We kicked flank that night!" yells out an exuberant as usual Rainbow Dash, "She didn't stand a chance!"
"She..She was very scary though," whispers Fluttershy, ducking down as if to hide herself from the memory.
"Quite right," replies Rarity, "She certainly looked the part with that ensemble of hers. Fortunately Princess Luna is back to doing good."
"Hah, we'd just beat her again if she tried anything," states Rainbow Dash boldly.
"Yes well, I'd rather we never had to," sighs Rarity.
"Are we going to get this party started or what!" exclaims Pinkie Pie, letting off a blast from a horn to put a halt to all this non-partying and sidestepping towards the nearest cake as if to say 'Can we eat now?'.

Twilight looks about the room looking at all her friends. Her heart warms as she recalls the past year. Sure, sometimes they argued with one another, and were often irritated with one or another's personal tics, but all in all these are the greatest friends one could ever hope to have and she wouldn't change them for all the books in Equestria. She smiled broadly

"Let's eat!"