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Just some Fanfic fan that perpetually has his stories in the planning stages (I swear I'll start writing them some day, honest!).

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Twilight Sparkle and Lyra Heartstrings are on an archeology expedition when a well preserved artifact from a long extinct ancient race is uncovered. What follows is Twilight's analysis and initial report.

Originally submitted on another website [LINK] as part of a writing challenge where the author had to work a particular object/substance into a short story featuring whatever fandom they wanted, and so naturally I chose MLP. The end result was (just) over the 1K word minimum for FiMFiction, so I decided to post it here. I made a slight change in the line ordering in the last portion of the story but it's otherwise the exact same story I originally posted on the other website.

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Twilight tries out a spell she found in a long-lost book that is supposed to help her understand her friends better only to find out it literally puts her and her friends in each others hooves.

While Twilight tries to figure out how to get the counter spell working, she and her friends have to adapt to their new bodies and the challenges and rewards that come with them.

This is a story of body switching...

Aside: It's not really a comedy or slice of life, but (hopefully) more along the lines of something you might see in the TV show. It's also my first fanfic ever, so try to be nice and if you don't like it, some constructive criticism would be good.

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