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This story is a sequel to The First Year

A little over a year ago I was pulled here, Equestria. Things happened, I found a kindred spirit, my soul mate. We may not look alike and we think very differently, but together... Well, its a whole new life for us.

The continuation of Living and Dying in Equestria and The First Year, both are pretty much required reading beforehand... Or a lot of things won't make sense.
Thanks to Benderssj3 for the title idea and ARchy4288 for reminding me the art doesn't make the story. (The art will be changed later fyi When it gets done.)
The Teen rating represents some lovemaking between Twilight and I.
Nothing graphic or descriptive.

Chapters (31)
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Comments ( 354 )

whoa, sees tags.....
why is there a sad and dark tag bro?

Morel support


pierce out shield


Well... shit. This is going to be fun!

3885707 Got em thanks! You can read it without it being published? Interesting... :trixieshiftright:

3885758 As long as you provide a link and the chapter is published, yes we can view it before it passes moderation. Otherwise how would the mods be able to read it?

3885766 Very true, cool!

3885817 Thanks, hey something just a little kick in the butt is what we need eh? :twilightsmile:

So you're finally into Season Three.

I look forward to seeing how this goes. :twilightsmile:

Ah the sequel dont mind if I just dive right in! :pinkiehappy:

Woot it's out :pinkiehappy: I've been looking forward to this!

i honestly thought sombra was going to make his greatest fear come to life.
and i can't wait for when twilight opens the door, i bet her worst fear is rick leaving her.

Well... shit. The introduction of the prisoners changes things a little, and I wonder how.

3978825 Not just that, but taking Scootaloo and Starswirl with him.

Hmmm, I wonder if the 4 prisoners were shielded from the curse's mind blocks while in the dungeon...

3885817 On the same wavelength are we...?

3886114 Thanks!

3887626 Glad to hear it. :twilightsmile:

3888683 Hopefully it will never end...

3888995 Please do.

3890149 Actually I've worked very hard all my life to stay in control. I mean I'm a pretty big guy and if I did 'lose it' as it was someone could get badly hurt. And even if they totally deserve it (and you know some people do lol) It's just more trouble then its worth. However... I sure as hell won't let anyone hurt my friends or the ones I love so lets hope it never comes to that eh?

but it the future...


"No...! No prisoner who ever went through that door ever came back... Just their screams..."


She's... Um, not single is she?

if she's not single that means she's dating someone

nice chapter

very touching
Even with roles reversed the same thing plays out such is the fate of those who are tied together by the red thread of fate

i was confused for a bit, till luna came in.

Huh I wonder if rick will see his biggest fear in the door. Or will it be just twi and spike?

Aww a nice dream showing a what if, if twi ended up on earth instead of rick ending up in equestria. :3

Oh, you had to go there? Well. The cat's out of the bag now isn't it? You'll have to do more interludes, it's only proper. So many twists of chance that never came to be. Rick as a pony and Twilight the human is an obvious one for exploration in the safe confines of a dreamstate. And what about other mares? It's not unusual for a guy to fantasize about his wife's friends (according to TV land it isn't). Wouldn't surprise me to see him wondering how he'd fare with one of the others for a wife; except Pinkie... that way lies madness.

I'm sure Luna would heartily encourage a dreamwife of Celestia however, if only to privately show her sister and laugh long and loud at her shocked reaction-- the Solar Diarch dressed down as a common pony, albit much larger than anypony else, none paying attention to the fact she's still an alicorn.

Well. Now that I think about it. She's probably seen that kind of dream in her subjects before and many times too. Phooie! I was hoping to troll a rise out of the princesses. :trollestia:

It was obvious it was a dream, but I wonder how this plays into it? At first, I thought when he had to introduce himself, it was Sombra's 'deepest fears door'™.

Then again, it could also be an affect from the crystals embedded in him.

3983587 Poetry. :twilightsmile:

3983629 hehe Sorry! :rainbowhuh:

3984466 well in my mind at least... Sigh... :rainbowwild:

3984994 Well... That's not exactly what I had in mind... Their just silly / sweet things... I mean Tia's beautiful and all but...
Oh really...? :twilightangry2:
Uh... I mean... Nothing compared to Twilight!
So my sister isn't good enough for you is that what you are saying Rick?!
No! I mean... I'm not good enough for her! No wait...
And where exactly did you hear that term of endearment Rick? Luna!!!
Ookay... (Jumps in Scootaloos wagon.) Get me out of here Angel!
Ok Dad! :scootangel:

3985006 Thanks! It means a lot to me that you like them. :yay:

3985081 It doesn't always have to mean something... Right? Right?! (Looks around nervously...)

3991793 Damn your hawk like eyes! Not really, thanks! :pinkiehappy:

damn so ricks worst fear is twi and there kid dying. ow dude.
and twi's is rick leaving her with star and scoots for...... celestia?


Also... how's the Trixie episode gonna work?

I felt like a real heel, guilt, guilt, guilt...

Ah guilt one of the most powerful magics out there along side hope, love, and friendship.

4025277 It would kind of be like your girlfriend leaving you for your father... Or step father mayhap. And taking your kids. Man... That would suck. :twilightangry2:

4025325 That one too is going to be tricky... But I have some ideas... Muhahahahaha :pinkiecrazy:

"And Pinkie Pie had a knack for just plain avoiding anything they threw at her not to mention she was really good at leading and taunting them straight into ambushes!"

Like this?

Mmm, the common cold. A scourge across two universes.
I'm certain Zecora has a cure, but no one ever asks her so it will remain a secret. :facehoof:

And I can fully attest to the power of ponies overwhelming mortal men with "the feels". (But I'm not giving up my leather jacket!)

And there goes the first two episodes of season 3! My, my that went really well as always very entertaining :)

Aww with father daughter bonding theres always risk of getting the feels! Hnng! >< It hurts but feels so good too. x.x

she and Sweetie Belle has so much fun!

think that should be had since it's past tense but my grammar is crap I can really only see major errors most of the time

Also I'm a big softy too ponies just made me less embarrassed about it.

Laughed when you used the "Big Bang's" kitty song and then had it ponified

4053649 :eeyup:

4053972 Whoop, soory bout that... Nah. :scootangel:

4054290 Ahhrrg! Why didn't I think of that?! I was right there!

4054588 Thanks! Always look forward to your comments. :twilightsmile:

4054996 Right you are my friend, good eye. :yay:

4055548 Nice! :rainbowlaugh:

4064564 I do love the show so how couldn't I? :pinkiehappy:

3991302 Two things here, one I really love the way Scootaloo is in this story and two this has all turned out way more interseting than the story description could have made them out to be, all three of them so far.

:yay:I teared up a little at that song, it was sooooo sweet.:twilightsmile:

4083699 Thank you for giving it a chance then! Maybe I'll have to work harder on my descriptions... :twilightsmile:

Muhahaha, blackmail material. RD will learn how devious humans can be, even the nice ones. :trollestia:

There should be a chapter where Rick or Twilight sees what happened in the canon Equestria I also have to wonder if Princess Twilight Sparkle and Equestria Girls will happen

4138903 Too cute I know. :scootangel:

4139011 Speaking of too cute! I love that picture! Well she saw him at Hearths warming remember? Hopefully they can just spend some quality father / daughter time together... :rainbowderp:

4139114 Muhahahaha!!! :pinkiehappy:

4139232 Like she said It's all connected... :twilightsmile:

4142099 Hmm... Interesting ideas... :eeyup:

Lot's of Pinkies... you know, if you needed another human to take care of her 'needs', I would have been happy to help.

4192754 Thanks! Sigh, I have no doubt when Starswirl is born she is going to be very jealous but I'll do my best to include her in everything I can. :scootangel:

4192795 Ha! If you thought Twi was a bit possessive and jealous... Don't get me started.
I'm not possessive! Maybe I get a little jealous...
I know love, I'm no better trust me.
It's just... I'm yours and your mine, no one else needs to be involved right? (Whispers to herself.) Especially Lyra...
Sorry what was that?
Nothing... You were answering questions remember?

4192892 True enough! I wish we had time to develop a sure fire spell to identify Pinkie. I mean I was pretty sure but...

what the fuck trixie......
maybe there's something else to it?
trixie you cheating whore.

maybe this leads the trixie episode, she tries to win flutters back by force?
i have no idea, i was starting to like trixie to.
huh. rainbow is gonna flip.

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