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Just an artist here, but sometimes I write about pony plots.

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Been waiting for the sequel. If the first chapter tells me anything this'll be a great story.

You know I always did prefer Bon Bon to Lyra. So this should be interesting.

Once again, your cover art is amazing with its choice of vibrant colors! :raritystarry: Just looking at all of these wonderful colors is making me crave for some candy right now! :rainbowwild: I love it!

Anyway, on with the reading.


2 views, yet 15 likes...

By the way, the lily on Bon-Bon's ear and the crystal pendant around her neck... do they indicate something important in this story?

He stood in front of his mirror admiring himself a little, wearing nothing but his favorite pair of horizontal striped light-green and cream colored boxer shorts that Rarity had so generously made for him once she found out what his favorite colors were. She might be a pain to work for, but her generosity was endless.

Favorite colors, eh? :trixieshiftright:

AHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh: I love everything about this.

Yeah I saw that too... Maybe the site is just slow about counting the views or something?

Hehe, well your icon makes me want to play some Katamari and thank you!

Also to answer your questions about the flower and necklace... maybe. :pinkiecrazy:

Yay tomorrows reading is saved! :D

Yay, well you know... I have to be subtle about these things.

This should be good. Can hardly wait to read what happens next.

eeeeeeeeeeeeee! sequel!

wow this is looking great and this is a wonderful valentines gift :heart:

the chapter was great if not even better than the sequel so far. im very excited to see how the story unfolds and advances! been waiting to read this ever since i finished the first one :pinkiehappy:

happy valentines to yourself puss! :heart:

ps: cover art looks just as amazing as the first one too!

It Begins...... :moustache:


5627040 followers of the last story preemptively liking it before reading it.

Yes, it's finally here! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome, glad to see this finally going up!

Also, holy hell, that is some good cover art.

The Cover art just screams I want to read it for the Plot. :raritywink:


if you think about it, your vader picture should really just say "breathing"

Relationship Questions

So far so good!

Chris gargled and swished the water in his cheeks, rinsing the toothpaste from his mouth before spitting it into the sink. It had been a long day working in Princess Twilight's new library reorganizing all the books, and tomorrow he would have to work with the slave driver Rarity.

Because reasons and stuff and things!

She might be a pain to work for, but her generosity was endless.

We get it. You work for the pony everypony should know and she's a acts like a bit of a hoe, but Chris aint got nowhere else to go.

My marefreind

"I don't even know what a marefreind is. But I got one."

Especially after he was so abruptly ripped from his old home world and dropped straight into the middle of the Everfree Forest, only to find out that this new world was filled with all kinds of crazy mythical creatures, except humans.

It was almost like some deity just pulled this cray miracle out his ass and threw me into a world Where I can finally be vocal about my next level misanthropy without fear of judgement or retaliation :D

Once lyra awoke in Chris's arms after a night of passionate lovemaking

Nothing wrong with this line. It just made me laugh.

He was something completely foreign from anything they had ever seen before, and their world had no shortage of dangerous creatures that constantly threatened their way of life.

Like when those came and.......Or that one time when that one guy.......Yeah. Dangerous times...

The good news was that most of the ponies had started to warm up to him by now.

Cause reasons and things....But things made of friendship and acceptance :)

Lyra cringed a little at the memory of what Bon Bon said. She was right of course. Lyra was moving too fast, and shouldn't have asked her friend to join her herd right after becoming Chris’s lover. She should have talked to Chris about it first, but the unicorn couldn't help it. She loved Bon Bon, and longed to see the beautiful mare by her side in the same bed she shared with Chris.

Because Chris is the perfect man for any colorful horse! Because he works at a.......Boutique. Oh but he is friends with pony celebrities like Rarity and Twilight cause of...Things! And stuff! Yeah, Chris has got it goin on with his....Facial hair.

“Would you…” Lyra began to say, but hesitated for a moment, looking away from him, thinking over the questions in her mind before turning back to him. “Would you ever want to have a foal someday?”

Me and Chris want out of this story.

I'm not sure if this is senseless clop or a touching love story, but there's so much I don;t know about and I couldn't care less about this one blank slate and his multitude of relationships that he has because of "reasons and stuff".

I'll give it a five out of ten.

Thanks man! :derpytongue2:

Dat picture. :rainbowlaugh:

I was hoping some one you mention something about that. :twilightblush:

Hehe thanks Jeremy. I'm glad you liked the art. :rainbowkiss:

Guess that means I failed in making it so you didn't need to read the first story. :pinkiesad2: All that is covered in Lyra's Confession.

Loved it can't wait for upcoming chapters keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Oh hey! I saw the short description and thought to myself; 'You know that sounds like an interesting premise for a Sexy Story! Bet it's just another great premise getting wasted on a quicky clopfic like so many others lately. :('

Then I tapped it to read the long description and saw it's a sequel to an actual Sexy Story! With the sequel out I'll have to move the first one to the top of that bookshelf. I needed some good news today.

Fun Fact: my tablet kept trying to change 'sequel' to 'sexual'... how ironic!

Nah your tablet was just trying to help you out. :trollestia:

true, but it makes it closer to what im feeling.

Didn't think I needed to read a sex story to enjoy a different, but still sex story. Huh, who would've known.

kidding, shut up.

5627735 and what do ya know? already hit the front page :ajsmug:

Yay, it continues! :pinkiehappy:

Chris let out a loud grown, slamming the back of his head against the bed’s wooden headboard with a very loud thud.


My brain almost Broken. keep steady.

'If the foal was just a normal pony like Lyra that would be pretty wild.' Chris thought to himself. What if the foal shared some traits with him like his eye color. That would be pretty mind blowing if it was possible, but is that something he would want?

Half pony Half human. that will be great. I mean, leg and tail. also horn

Also....Let do some Poem (I don't know my poem good of no)

I have a secret love on Lyra,
Leads Her to acts of charity,
And since Her heart is belong to a brainwash by a human.
Shes sure to woo him before someone take a long.
She been brainwash, She must be lie.

She always loves a weird finger thing.
I just can't get enough of dirty of them
I pray he's leave me alone.
And when i spend, won't be annoyed.
Pull out my picture of Myself and Lyra and hold my hoof.
Massage my Chair and help me stand.
And relish visit with my customer.

Woo we're back! So thoughts. Well, initially I was pretty sad about the time skip. We didn't see any of the growing pains of their newly formed relationship. Second thought, what they are living together, also sad we didn't see this progression, that's a big deal! Third thought, oh god she's just gonna come out and tell him about wanting to herd before they even like each other?! Then after that, most of my misgiving were quashed. It was handled very well, and I'm happy he wants to take it at a slower pace. I'm excited to see how this progresses. My only actual complaint is why he didn't wonder if she loves Bonnie why did she never date her? That's what I'm wondering. If she cared that much for her, why did nothing happen.

Awesome sauce! Lyra and Bon Bon are my absolute favorite couple! I can't wait to see how this goes!


Even though I think there isn't clop. Yet.

Wait is that a poem from Bon Bon to Lyra? lol

A little of that is explained in chapter 2 and there will be one more small time jump. :twilightsheepish: but after that their wont be anymore jumps in time. It will be day by day I promise. :yay:

Some people don't seam to know that. :fluttercry:

I really do love this series. I feel there isn't enough Human romance between Lyra and or Bon-Bon.

“Do you think she’s pretty?” Lyra asked, giving him an intense look as if she was scratching his eyes for the answer.
Chris’s jaw snapped shut with an audible clicking sound. He stared into Lyra’s intense eyes for a while as the gravity of her question hit him. “...W-what?”

Chris's brain reaction to this in a nutshell

What he would like to have said:

It's great that you are continuing this. The prequel has already been fantastic.
Taking it a step further now, not only in terms of story and character development but also in terms of more sexy-chapters is awesome.
Keep it up! I love your writing :twilightsmile:

I would say he was doing both of those at the same time.

Thank you! I will do my best. :twilightsheepish:

Whelp....that snowballed rapidly.:trollestia:

It was a toss up between Tennant and this:

Eh, sex is messy. No avoiding it. May as well play it up.

It's always nice to a sequel so soon after finishing the first story. Really looking forward to what happens next.

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