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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.

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All I can think to say is :heart:.

Also, dude...
You must teach me your ways of clop writing.

4425422 perfect profile pic


I dunno, I am not sure how good I am at this.


“I dinnae say to stop ye numpty!”

Berry's a true Scotspony then, huh?

coming explosively

cuming explosively

Dame dude, you can write clop!
Wingboner is appropriate.

4425470 Huh? Not sure if you're good at it? I can't write half as well as you can, and you're the one who's being modest?


The proper English (UK) spelling is coming.

Like colour.

See, I try to bring an element of class to this endeavour. :raritywink:


I only write this kind of stuff occasionally. I mean, I have a few stories with these mature elements. But I wouldn't say I am a prolific clop writer with a hundred stories tossed off.

4425493 Nor am I. I have two dedicated clopfics, and one Lost Chapters fic. You are the superior clop writer here.

4425488 Uh... I'm English myself. I've always knowing it as cuming, be my other point stands, you can write clop!

4425497 One, huh? Perhaps you need a memory check?


To Dance In Shadow is kinda cloppy.

This just hit the popular stories column already.

What in the name of Eris' saggy sinister nipple...

What have I done.

:derpytongue2: - I dunno, but it sure felt good!

I hope Bucky had time to study the spell book he got from Celestia.

I'm not sure if it's because that was really well written or because I'm emotionally invested in these characters, but that was hot. :rainbowwild:

Is this a sequel, or just cloppy bits?

Just the cloppy unf unf unf unf bits.

4425661 K... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Why is it called the sequel then?


Aw, thanks. :twilightblush:

I'll probably toss out a few more.

Bucky does that have that spell book with Celestia's spells.

:trollestia: - I had to make Berry Punch pay somehow.


Because: reasons.

The site doesn't seem to distinguish between side stories and sequels, and I wanted them connected.


Would anybody hate me if I were to start off the next chapter of The Chase with Berry Punch sitting on a bag of frozen peas, rubbing her backside? :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, right. The BOOK. That's going to be an interesting book right there.

4425683 Why not just call it, "The Chase: Explicit Scenes"?




THANK you! Oooh i laughed so hard i literally fell from my chair, funny bed noises are funny, but trying to imagine that one during intercourse made my ribs hurt. Bwehehhhee.:pinkiehappy:


Many many years from now, Berry Punch's filly hits adolescence.

The parents hear an odd bleating sound coming from her room and smile in embarrassment.

Holy crap that was HOTT ... I mean ... WOW ... Congratulations, you might have just turned ME into a bisexual :rainbowwild:

I suppose Women would rule the world too if they had an estrous cycle. I'm not sure I'd want a wife who could crush a walnut with her...:pinkiecrazy:

Derpy and Berry might smile, i suspect Bucky will begin his research on the newest versions of gelding spells. :trollestia:


Well, she could be cloppin'.

Firstly, the phrase "lewd squelching" needs to be used more, both in fiction and in conversation.

“Pin her down,” Derpy shouted.

The chair! Give her the chair!
...Wait, sorry, wrong kind of wrestling. :derpytongue2:

In any case, a very heartfelt and other-organs-felt scene. We now return to the usual program.


Oh no, we return for part B.


Just read the second chapter? :derpyderp2::heart:

Yeah, but you gotta be clopping to something, with Buckys neurotic behavior, i'd feel sorry for the clop target, those poor, poor models from Playmare wouldn't stand a chance. :rainbowwild:

Man, phrases like "spunk dispenser" and "cock snot" in the middle of this make me laugh way too much.


Comedy tag applies!


Wow, yeah... I need a smoke after that one!! :pinkiegasp: that's excellent

what they didnt know is that all the alicorns were watching out side the window, grinning madly

Again, you can write clop, and write it well.

Okay... So, we know that Ditzy isn't adversed to a little anal play in this universe. Good to know.

That said, I liked these two chapters. They were well written, and really dove into the relationship between the three of them. There was the first real starts of seeing Bucky's spine starting to take shape. In order words, perhaps course words, but words regardless, he finally found his balls.

Well done, The Clop Gods are pleased.

- LF

I am so glad to see Bucky 'ramming' Berry and Derpy. He is gonna be sooo chill afte this. :twilightsmile:


Heads up. Ditzy is going to be one of Derpy's foals later. Might be confusing.

In retrospect, the letter suffix should've been a tipoff.

Also, I'd been wondering why you'd described the scene as "very biological." Now I know. Oh, how I know. I'm not sure if it was knowledge man was meant to have.

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