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1179236 Btw, do you mind if I ask what games you play? :derpyderp1:

1179236 my friend told me to use a female character so I would have a smaller hit-box, but I still prefer to use a female character, might be cus I'm a quite feminine guy...

1179232 I prefer playing female characters myself, and do so almost exclusively. Females just resonate with me.

1179229 You are not the first one that thought I was a girl, I've had some pretty funny moments because of this misunderstanding :derpytongue2: (apparently having pink armor and a female character in a FPS game makes me a girl)

1177803 Oh, my bad, dude. :twilightblush:
I approve greatly of your choice of hair dye; black hair and red hair are my favourites. Brown is meh, and blonde I don't care for at all.

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