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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


This story is a sequel to The Chase

Rainbow Dash, the brash pegasus weather captain, and Rarity, the unicorn fashionista, experience an awkward moment together. In the aftermath, they discover what it means to be friends with one another. Sometimes, mutual embarrassment is the only way to discover what a friend means to you.

This takes place in the Chase Verse.

Edit: Featured! Oh my gosh, thanks! 7/17/14

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It was good, it still works as a standalone story. The ending in particular was cute and heartwarming. :pinkiesmile:

Another fun story in the Chase-verse. I could totally see Rainbow Dash finding farts comedic.

you can’t squeeze a pegasi like that and expect nothing to happen

Either 'a pegasus' or just 'pegasi'.

To write Rainbow Dash is hard ´cause, based in the show, she is not exactly the more educated pony there is. Making Rarity do the most of the talk is a good way...in the other hand, since she is a little egghead now, due to the Daring Doo series, may justify she being better at talking, although she should have some trouble expressing feelings still.

I liked, let´s see where this goes.

At first, it seemed too introspective for Dash, but you made it work. A well thought out study of both the characters and their relationship. Thank you for it.

You really hit the nail on this story, I love it. :twilightsmile:


We'll see a lot more of Rainbow Dash later in The Chase. Especially in the griffon diplomacy arc.

This sort of shows what kind of character she can be.

you know, I'd almost thought that you were having trouble with the personality or the placement of the last four of the mane six. Since we never see more than a cameo or two of them, but I think you did Rarity really well.

Personally, I think you even managed to channel just how much Applejack and Fluttershy's friendship have changed Rarity as a pony. Fluttershy through her kind words and Applejack through the completely honest way she bares her soul to Rainbow Dash. Maybe even a little bit of Pinkie Pie through her willingness to laugh at her own faux pas.

Well done kudz, well done indeed.


That was sort of the intention with out saying so directly.


Rarity is the sum of the inspiration that she draws from her friends.

Wait till she meets Bucky and they begin to get to know one another. :twilightoops:

Griffon diplomacy? Ooo....

how many arcs are you currently planning? And will any of them be as long or longer than the isles?
i am really enjoying this story as well as the constant and consistant updates. Keep up the good work.

Even outside the Chase verse, there are several examples of RD being girly and having touches where Rarity may not show it but she is happy with her.

Like you have her here doing the Dresses. We saw in Swarm of the Century that RD may not like Mushy stuff, but Rarity knows her stuff about making others look good. RD is very much into this, so there IS that.
There was..I forget the episode! However with RD talking about the risks as they chased after Applejack to find out about the Rodeo competition and the ribbons and such.
Dash does say that Rarity knew the risks of coming along.
Dash probably hides it but she knows that Rarity is someone that helps her find completion as a mare.
Even in At the Gala, she sings about Diamonds and without Rarity, she wouldn't know their worth to a finer detail.

During the Pranks with Pinkie Pie in Gryphon the Brushoff as well. Rarity didn't act upset. She merely made that little smile as she watched the two rush off.

Rarity and Rainbow have a hard time from the outside to seem like friends, but as you put it well in this- Rarity sees the thread and tapestry made from it.

Dash as we all know rushes in a lot. Yet, who is to say that Rarity and Dash aren't such things as sparing partners in combat? We've seen Rarity kick a manticore in the face, Dash did the same to a dragon. We saw Rarity go after AJ during the Discord episodes for Tom.
What do we not see there? Dash doesn't go after Rarity. They seem to have some of the same skills, and even during when Dash was trying to box, we saw the pose copied by Rarity during the Dragon Migration just with a lot more poise and less hopping.

I really do think they need to expand on the relationship the two have in future episodes, but there is plenty of subtle subtext there none the less.

you should make another story just comprised of shorts like this, that would be something o would like to see

It's interesting, it's a bond of coincidences and circumstance, one that is so seemingly fragile that its defense it's stalwart and unbreakable. It's funny how that works, but biology probably helps nudge the process along through the most devious of tactics :3

As far as feedback, the character voice is a bit off, I think. A line like

I am just very confused about our friendship

doesn't seem much like RD would say. It's the same sort of contractionless matter-of-fact voice you get with a lot of your characters, especially when they are trying to have a heart-to-heart.

Otherwise though, I liked this, and the logic behind the friendship is solid.

Always enjoy a good bit of friendshipping. :pinkiehappy:
This is no exception.

Good heavens, what are these ponies eating? I don't know if it's just another facet of equine biology or something, but they almost always seem to fart several times a chapter. I don't know about other people, but I fart maybe once or twice a day, if in fact I do pass gas at all. Don't misunderstand, I'm far from squeamish, but the sheer number of times I've seen it written has left me curious as to the implications.

Getting away from that, this was a genuinely heartwarming look into a rather unique friendship. Though I do admit that it bothered me a bit that Dash didn't quite reciprocate Rarity's heartfelt confession. I thought about giving her a break after what I learned about Pegasus sociology from The Chase, but that feels uncomfortably like racism. Derpy has even more reason to hate words then Dash does, but that doesn't mean she refuses to acknowledge their importance to those closest to her.


Oats. Hay. Grains.

Literally a metric ton of fibre every day.

As someone who has been around horses, I can honestly say that if five minutes pass and a horse doesn't fart, you should think about calling the vet. Something is probably horribly wrong.


These ponies obviously have pretty big brains though and need a higher amount of fat and caloric intake in their diet. Probably why apples and apple pies and such are a staple part of their collective diets.


So fat and sugar, added to a metric ton of fibre.

Well, that never causes gas!


I believe that you have hit on the real reason you should not smoke in the stable. Those farts are flammable. You could blow up the whole place.

Also have you ever stood by a fence when a horse goes running and bucking by? It sounds like a motorboat, and smells like an outhouse. Harnessed properly that could be a weapon of ass destruction. Sorry couldn't help myself.

A good short story with great character exploration. Cushioned between a squeaky introduction and end that lightened the mood.

I enjoyed this a lot.

Fluffy comments aside:

The fart came out as a trumpeting blast, and as (character) struggled to hold it back, it rose in pitch until it became a shrill whistle,

Every fanfic should start with these words.:derpytongue2:

While this is incredibly touching and I love the story for what it is, I havery to remain amazed at Kudzuhaiku's ability to make faring a central element of comedy to almost all, if not all, of his works.

God damn, started off with a smile on my face, and then bam!

This seems......actually fairly plausible. It could've made a good canon episode of the show. Touching and feel-inducing; i liked it.

Most Excellent. :yay:

Oh my god. As I was reading about the farts, I farted.

Normally, Rainbow Dash enjoyed such moments, but but piercing blue eyed glare of the pearlescent unicorn made her feel very uncomfortable.
moments, but the piercing

she explained. “And that is is only the beginning.”
that is only

You know this is only one scene and it's still 1339 words long, that's really nice, I like that kind of quality :pinkiehappy:

Short, cute and entertaining.

The second this came up I lost my shite xD haha.
Awesome job, you made me laugh, once again.

4912115 Yes... yes they should!

4869121 A truer statement on horses was never said. Good story about friendship reinforcing with the help of bodily functions, nothing like mutual embarrassment to bring friends together.

What do you know, fart jokes that are actually worth including! I thought this day would never come….

You know I really like this "Lost Chapter"! It really makes me feel warm and fuzzy, not to mention give a ver In Character look at why Rarity would choose to be so close with Rainbow Dash, despite being so different.

Nearly four years after this was posted we got an episode "End in Friends" .... :raritywink: :rainbowdetermined2: :twilightsmile:

I came here for the farts, but I like the rest of the story as well. (I'm really not all about fetish fuel, I just write it a lot under this name) And I like how Rarity isn't too offended, and the ending of course, and the rest of it in the middle was pretty heartwarming.

2 years later, it's canon that Rainbow Dash thinks farts are funny, as does Pinkie Pie.

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