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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


This story is a sequel to The Chase

Reading The Chase is quite helpful in understanding what is going on in the background and is recommended...

Born a lunar pegasus, a strange foal seems to be changing into a unicorn shortly after birth. Called in to to investigate the magical curiousity, Princess Luna is asked to take the foal into her custody. After first mistaking the foal for a lunar alicorn, but then learning the truth, Luna agrees to take the foal into her care.

Luna learns the hard way that foal care is not her forte and the immortal alicorn is quickly laid low by the newborn foal.

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Fuck Trottingham and the other Old World Pony Countries. I hope something is done about them in The Chase. What are they gonna do if they find Earth Pony Foals showing the kind of Magic Pina has? Are they gonna start drugging them too because of the magic they fear so much?


Not so much fear is as it is control. Highly addictive drugs are given to unicorns to keep them in line and keep them subservient. Think of them as magical labour saving devices and lovely organic appliances.

Every family should have one, they are great for cleaning the dishes and doing laundry.

So I've read all that is The Chase and I don't recall anything about Trottingham...What happened there, Kudzu?


That part is coming. But there have been hints already in the story. Witching Hour is from Trottingham.

5430996 Ai. "I see," said the blind man.

...Yeah Screw Trottingham and the other Old World Countries like I said. At least with Saddle Arabia's slave thing it is those who WANT to be and they are treated well.

I saw something mentioned a few chapters back I think mentioning the Drugged Slave thing.

5431006 Getting all fat and pudgy for males...where could one go wrong?

Better than being a living appliance.

5431013 I highly agree. They literally take free will away. That is something Bucky will not like...


Why should a group of earth ponies be forced to labour and pick apples when but a single unicorn or two can clean out an entire orchard in no time at all? How is that fair?

(Speaking solely from the perspective of the earth ponies of course)

Oh, Bucky's going to be real popular in Trottingham. Though he probably won't go anywhere near it if he has anything to say about it. Not sure if he does, but still.

In any case, it seems we have something of a... well, not a lycanthrope. Neither half of that applies, though the mechanism seems to be similar. Looking forward to seeing the greater truth, assuming Luna can ever find it under the layers of feces and spit-up.

Apple Family have no problem with it. They wouldn't say no to the help, save AJ's Stubbornness in Applebuck Season, I doubt they would ever want to use drugged slaves to do the work. Pretty sure if ANY member of the Apple Family with a large Orchard had a choice between not finishing harvesting the Apples or using that kind of labor, they would rather not finish their harvest,


But Applejack and her family only think that way because they have lived under the rule of unicorns, who held them down and forced them to think that they had to work hard to be happy. They have found happiness is slavery. They slave, they labour, but still almost lose their farm regularly. Why should they be made to suffer?

The enlightened earth ponies of Trottingham would like a word with them about the real earth pony way.

So the way of the Unicorn Nobles of Equestria was the pretty much Enslavement and servitude of the Earth Ponies and Pegasi while the way of the Earth Ponies and Pegasi of Trottingham and the other Old World Countries is the Slavery of Unicorns. Neither is right.


Which is the point I am trying to make when I bring to bear these facetious arguments in the comments section.

I think one person was a little too stupid to understand that though and took it seriously. Oh dear.

You referring to that downvote on you last comment?


All of them actually. I think the unicorn sympathisers were impotent with rage. :raritydespair:

5430949 my god. This is barely better than the modern human trafficking system where you hook them on heroine to keep them as obedient little sex slaves. Worse actually since the whole shit is now governmentally supported. I hope to see the wrath of winter falling upon them or at least something to fix this slavery.

5431078 I am getting the feeling that you missed the part where Kudz wrote that he is speaking solely from the earth ponies of trottingham's perspective

Or am I wrong?


We were having a play argument. I was being the devilpony's advocate. Because I'm a bad person! :raritycry:

Now won't this be interesting.

Now to think about what the title might hint at... Does the foal change is cycles? From lunar Pegasus to unicorn and then back again? More races?now that would be fun, going around being different races every week, passports are going to be a nightmare.

Oh Luna, welcome to parenthood.

Bucky should be sent to Trottingham and bring the city to the ground.

5431193 yes I know, but the thumb down on your comments made me think that ominous wasn't aware.

I can't help it, red thumbs irk me something fierce

5431204 I am very selective about using thumbs down. And it wasn't me, I thumbed up the some of the ones getting thumbsdowned.

5431352 i see. Then I apologise for making assumptions. But I wonder what mapper of tear did thumb down... I guess we will never know.


Hrm... where have I heard this before? Ah, yes. I remember now!

NOTE: The following is not my personal opinion. It is, instead, a phrase I have unfortunately heard before.

I love black people! Every home should have one!

Love the worldbuilding you have done. Even if I do want to slap a pony or two (or more).

I wonder what sort of drug they use? Based on what you have said Kudzu my guess would be opium, as it is highly addictive and it would fit the culture that Trottingham is based off of (The First Opium War comes to mind).
Also the more I hear about Trottingham the more I dislike it.


Do you remember what opium did to Bucky during the homecoming arc? How badly it messed him up?

5431946 Oh right I had completely forgotten about that fact :twilightblush: sorry; but that does leave the question what sort of drug are they using? My new revised guess is some sort of pharmaceutical based drug (like adderall, or some other addictive drug) as it's easier to control the unicorns intake's of the drugs, with less harmful side effects.


They do in fact use an opium based derivative. It makes it difficult to concentrate or focus, which makes magic very difficult. When work needs to be done, they let the drug wear off a bit, and give them another drug, which clears their head a little. Feeling the need for more drugs, they do what needs to be done so they can get more sweet sweet dope and go back to their blissful drugged states.

5432129 Yikes, and once again the more I hear about Trottingham the less I like about it. I'm wondering why the previous system of government in Equestria tolerated what Trottingham was doing to unicorn's; the only reason I can think of is that it was a good place to send their more problematic rivals and undesirables too.


More will be revealed in time.





That is all.

I do not know that I like foal formula.

I think you missed something. Unless that is some kind of old english I don't know about.


I don't know if I like it / I do not know that I like it,

Yes. Older style English. Wooden and formal.

That foal is a little shit... LITERALLY!

Considering what they did to Sombra, no way in Hell would Celestia and Luna let a pegasus SLAVE STATE keep existing. Your story premise fails instantly.


Does noone on the PLANET know how to use an online dictionary....? (weeps for the species)


No, the correct term is snoot. The large fleshy pad on the end of the muzzle. I do recommend using a better dictionary.


Considering you don't know what is actually going on, should you make these snap judgements?

Sound the alarm... Containment breach. This is not a drill. We have Containment breach. All man to your battle station. This is now a level 5 bio Hazzard threat. Do not approach without safety gear and gas masks

Luna without mommy hormones is bad enough at times, but with? :unsuresweetie:

5435139 I'll get the bunker ready

5436717 I´ll get the bunker UNDER the bunker ready...

5434901 I see a hate dislike here. Now I know I get pretty childish and idiotic, but I wouldn't go out of my way dislike something unless it was actually offensive or just plain low.

...Can we Get a Jar Of Rape Golem and Solar Beam barrage on Trottingham? For all I was saying before, I was reluctant of wanting such things because any serious overthrowing of the government to change things would probably leave them as bad off as Equestria or even worse after its collapse and the world cannot afford such things even with the mirror traveler forces being decimated and unable to do anything for possibly years. But now... now I see that it is even worse than I thought.

Is easy to see WHY Silver Spoons Family moved there.

Just putting these here


Kudzu I love your references


Mirror travelers in Equestria have been thrashed... in other places... not so much.

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