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A group for fics that other writers want PressStart to read. Stories will be send into the suggestion file to be read, reviewed, and rated. All stories are accepted.

The first alicorn Lukilla has graced her subjects the pleasure of seeing her. She will have her own folder and all stories that involves her must gain PressStart's approval.

The one submission to the changling romance story contest...

Svante has known and been with Featherblitz for his entire life, and today is the day that he finally asks her the question that's been on his mind for years now. But one thing keeps him from asking.

What if she says no?

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want to add me on the psn im Emiliano743

364208 I don't read m/m stories, but I do read f/f and m/f stories.

I read a few. But that's it. Read about 1-2.

364197 so you don't read m/m? f/f? Both?

364195 to put simply... It's an anime tag that refers to boy x boy pairings...

Yuri is the female version..


364002 yaoi? What does that stand for?

I don't really know what this group centers on, but since I was invited then I won't mind joining and reading any stories anyone comes up with.

But I do have preferences, like yaoi. I will never read this. Period. I don't hate it, I just don't like it. :unsuresweetie:

363993 in a folder I've created specifically for this contest. For the drawings, pm it to me.

363691 Oh, I didn't even see that, thanks:pinkiehappy:

363774 no prob, my good friend:twilightsmile:

I've joined. Thanks for inviting me! I expect I'll start submitting some of my stories soon as well as read the stories of these here peoples.


All stories are excepted.

, *accepted.

I'm not totally sure what this group is for, as I'm lost in thought half of the time and probably missed something important, but count me in for whatever we do here.

I got your invite. I've joined and submitted 3 of my fics that I take the most pride in:scootangel:

Thx for the invite bro. :ajsmug:

Thank you for the invite *lights another fire under rump to write more*

I'm quite interested.

  • Viewing 19 - 38 of 38