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I like Pokemon and I'm a brony... I'm also a gamer... mostly handhelds though... expect lots of crossovers made by me... :)

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My brain keeps giving me ideas after ideas... causing previous ideas to be forgotten...
Thanks brain... you're a big help.

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RIP dear author

For your unknown, is pain upon the knowledge of us never knowing the end of your story...

What's the state of your account? I've thoroughly enjoyed The HIdden Element of Courage and I hope to see more of it.

2204618 It's fine, it's up to you, only you can decide whether to put the stories on or not. But what I want to know is, when exactly will you feel like updating your pokemon or persona crossovers?

2204599 Oh, didn't know you also had an account here. Coolio. Still contemplating on whether or not to put my other stories (the ones here) to the other side. If you didn't know, I'm quite lazy and I see that as unnecessary hassle. I might do it but at the same time. I might not. Who knows when I'll do it... definitely not me. XD

2204597 I can sympathize, but at least you're okay. By the way posponer, or should I say Auro.Bo, it's me, TigerWarrior1998.

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