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  • TContext 3
    In the final chapter of the Context Trilogy, poor Rarity attempts to leave behind all her recent misunderstandings. In doing so, she walks right into the biggest misunderstanding of her life...
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This story is a sequel to Context

Although Rarity rarely escaped having her reputation destroyed already, the rumor windmill is blowing in her direction again. This time, however, it may just push her over the edge as she finds herself once more on the receiving end of a massive misunderstanding.

Reading of Context suggested but not necessary.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 12 )

Well it could have been worse they could have sent notes to all the stallions in town telling them to get themselves tested.

5768840 I thought about that but I didn't want to take it too far

She has S-pike T-hee D-ragon !:rainbowlaugh::pinkiegasp::fluttershbad::twilightoops::raritystarry::moustache::ajsmug::derpytongue2:

Not sure why Rarity would use an abbreviation like that considering the other rather unladylike meaning to it. Pretty sure she would have been quite disapproving of it. Still, fun stuff.

"You'll take years off my life doing that."

Extra space.

This was pretty funny, and it is starting to remind me of something else whose humor was based on awkward misunderstandings. Something where the kisses were hers, and hers, and his.


5769739 You caught me! I actually binge-watch Three's Company while writing sometimes, it gives me inspiration.

And I'm gonna be meeting Joyce Dewitt and Priscilla Barnes in a couple weeks, so yay me!

Damn it all! Why do authors always stop right when it's getting good.

5771904 Same reason Arrested Development and Calvin and Hobbes stopped, its better to leave on a high note then drag everyone down with it.


edit:* Sorry couldn't find a better Zim lies clip.*

They were ended because:

In the case of Calvin and Hobbes constant deadline pressure, arguments over merchandising, creative control, and newspapers screwing him over. Caused him to loose inspiration in the series and he just dropped it.

As for Arrested Development, despite massive critic acclaim. It never generated much views and had low ratings. So at the end of the day FOX had to make a business call. And that call was to cancel the series.

Twice as funny as the first !

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