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Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle are the first club of their kind in Ponyville.
Or are they?
Turns out that their big sisters had a club too. And they were more awesome, more dangerous, and more mischevious than the Cutie Mark Crusaders could even imagine.
This is a collection of stories, told to the Crusaders by AJ, Dash, and Rarity themselves, about their childhood exploits. Danger, pranking, experimenting gone woefully wrong - the young club of daredevils had it all. Except cupcakes. Because only Pinkie Pie has those.
I invite you to come and find out exactly what kind of disharmony the Elements of Harmony got up to in their childhood. It'll be a wild ride.

Link to cover artist's page: http://ratofdrawn.deviantart.com/art/Milkshake-525540020

(MON DIEU! How did this story get featured?!) 4/9/2017

Chapters (4)
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So, I saw the story about these three fillies and thought of something about how the Mane 6 met.

Applejack would have lived her whole life on the farm (minus when she was staying with her aunt and uncle) working, and selling apples in town later in life.

Fluttershy and Rainbow knew each other in Cloudsdale. Fluttershy moved to Ponyville around the time she got her cutiemark I believe. Rainbow still lives in Cloudsdale and frequents Ponyville.

Pinkie Pie lived on the rock farm and moved to Ponyville to work with the Cakes.

Rarity came to Ponyville to establish her boutique, though I don't know when.

Twilight didn't move to Ponyville until way later in life.

Considering the story is about Rarity, Rainbow, and Applejack, as well the ambiguity about when the trio crossed paths at what stages in their respective lives, I would highly doubt they would have been gallivanting around the town like the CMC have been doing if they the former trio was of similar age.

That's just me though, so don't take it seriously :heart:

No, I actually completely agree with you. I am aware that what happens in my story is highly unlikely. But again, this is just my fantasy version of what happens, not canon. I won't be adding Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Twilight in here, because that's just too far out of canon. But I've set it up so that Dash still lives in Cloudsdale, Applejack still lives on her farm, and Rarity... well, we don't know where she comes from anyway, so I'm just going to assume she's lived in Ponyville. So it's not too far out of canon. I mean, in the show, Applejack and Rainbow Dash seem to have already known each other for a while, but I wanted to add Rarity to their group to make a proper trio. She's the only one I could have plausibly added;)

8084250 I'm actually pleasantly surprised that it was Rarity of all ponies you added because of that reason! Well played, Sir.

Have a moustache :moustache:

Amazing thus far

Can't wait for the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Worth it just for the image of the older three playing cards.

Haha, thank you. I will enjoy this mustache, seeing as I am too female to have one of my own;) it shall be an interesting experience.

Thank you!! Can't wait to write it.

Lol. That scene was literally so much fun to write. I was cackling the whole while.

Of course, it was smart of them to wait until after the Crusaders named themselves. Following the same pattern they'd be the ASSes!

deadly glare that was probably ferocious
enough to send Princess

You probably hit the enter key early here

It's a good story, but it seems a lot longer than it is, mostly because it looks like a massive wall of text. I suggest adding one space between paragraphs, but you don't have to.

A good start overall, here's to chapter 2!
Oh, and a quick guess for the meaning of RAD:
rainbow Dash

I not?" Miss Cheeritree'a gaze

'a to 's

Although Rainbow actually lived in Cloudsdale...

If this weren't Equestria, I'd say that this paragraph is sketchy as hell. Like seriously. Damn.

bronzy platinum

Makes about as much sense as "blackish white". Oh well, creative license and all that.

I got to the part where they get caught by Granny Smith, so I don't know if you need to change anything after that. good story so far, I'll definitely bee looking forward to the next chapters!

Edit for new things

Ah'm proud o' ya fer tellin' th' truth.

Ok, Rarity didn't exactly lie, but she was definitely telling a non-truth. Looks like Granny's memory is going pretty soon.

The RADs. Look. You take the first letters of each of our names. Rarity, Applejack, Dash. Then you make it stand for 'Really Awesome Daredevils'. See? The RADs! And it sounds like 'rad', which is totally rad!

Well, I was at least half right!

A darn good second chapter. I'm looking forward to updates!

8085070 Bronzy Platinum can actually work fairly well. Platinum is a silvery color, and Bronze is a more coppery color. If you interleave them, you get a nice coppery sheen on the silver parts.

Yeah, I couldn't see it before and I can't see it now. Oh well, that's my problem, no one else's.

The only thing I think of as similar might be...The Dress.

Okay, you got me. I'm following this story. I need to know the rest of this story myself.

Here is the original of the picture. Now you know who made it. I found it in ten seconds flat.

This is the second time i have heard of such, lets see what you make happen

This looks intriguing. I'm going to watch it for updates. :pinkiehappy:

How old is Cheerilee exactly?

If she's got the same body as all those other ponies from the present era of Friendship is Magic, then shouldn't she be a filly as well and someone else be teaching the kids?

8086829 She's as old as Mayor Mare they went to high school together.

If you want to know the cover source: Milkshake

...But how is Rainbow in Ponyville at that age already?

oh my goodness. You're a genius. I hadn't thought that of that!!! Would you mind if I made a joke about that in next chapter? I'll credit you, of course.

Thanks for the edits. I'll go fix them. I see what you're aging about Rarity... I added a line to hopefully clear that up;)
Also, you get a virtual cookie for predicting that. Well done;)

Lovely description. That's exactly what I was thinking of ;)

When was the first time?

Thanks! I'll try not to disappoint ;)


I'm diverging from canon a bit here. In the comic books, it's confirmed that she and Mayor Mare as the same age. In this story, I've set it up assuming that Cheerilee is a bit more than a year younger than the Mane Six - assuming the Mane Six are adults by now.

She's not. She still lives in Cloudsdale, she just goes to school in Ponyville.

...That almost makes less sense. I would have said to just call it creator's liberties.

I know. I am choosing to diverge from canon a bit here to make this work. I meant, she'd never be able to have a club down on the ground unless she was in Ponyville a lot.
The only reason I could think of was that Dash's parents wanted her to go to school in Ponyville to experience some diversity, since it would only be pegasi up in Cloudsdale. And I actually mentioned this reason in the story.

Right above the first comment of mine you replied to, there was one more edit for chapter one. I just wanna be sure you didn't miss it, yeah?


A small story about the three 'terrors' of Ponyville, getting together for a reunion. Applejack is one of them.

I have it on my list somewhere if you want the info?

yep. I got it. Thanks;)

I actually went through your list and found it. It was really cute;)

8087533 Glad to help. I knew that color theory class was useful.

Wait wait wait wait... Ten years later the crusaders would be four.... But cheerilee was born about a year later. So that would make cheerilee 5 years older than her school-age students. Methinks you should change the relationship to sister rather than daughter, or have the teacher be a single mom before the marriage. That doesn't seem right.

Otherwise, loving this. Keep it up!

Lol. It sure was. ;)

Thanks for pointing this out. I made a change in the story to make it so that she is nine years older than her students... which still isn't much, I know, but she just seems very youthful to me in befall.


Assuming the crusaders are between 9 and 13 years old, which is how I see them, then cheerilee would be 18-22. Makes more sense to me than 14-18. It'll do, hasslehoff. :moustache:

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