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Applejack promises to spend some time with Rainbow Dash, and naturally the pegasus asks to share some naptime with her in one of the apple trees. Applejack agrees, and even finds herself having fun... until her big brother turns up, as big brothers have a habit of doing, to catch her in a rather compromising position.

Note: not my cover art. https://www.derpibooru.org/380712
Another note: some of you may recognize this as a chapter from one of my other stories. I decided to post it as a stand--alone story as well, because I originally wrote it as a short stand-alone story and just posted it as a chapter on a whim. What you are reading now is how it should have been posted in the first place. (Besides, you can never have enough AppleDash.)

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Here’s the artist. wabam

OG image can be found somewhere in there.

anyways. Cute story. Got my daily dose of appledash.

EDIT: found the og image.

This was actually really good. Like for real. I'm not even that into apple-dash but this was great.

this story made me smile so much!

Awww. I'm glad:3

Woo-hoo! Goal achieved:)

Well, I'm not too sure about the ending as canon always seems to have AJ be at "one buck, one tree" efficiency…but I guess RD messed that up?

Quite cute.

Yeah, Rainbow's presence just messed things up I guess. ;) thanks!

Little story, great work. I do not know what else to add for this little masterpiece!

The ending cracked me up. Thanks for making my day.

You're welcome ;) glad you enjoyed it!

Which story was it that you alluded to in the description?

You Ship It, I Write It. :3

The chapter title doesn't lie :)

I was laughing so hard I almost got in trouble for not doing my school that I already did. :rainbowlaugh:

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