Applejack is NOT a Background Pony! 161 members · 151 stories

If you love Applejack, let everypony know it! She is in the Mane 6, so let's remind everypony!

And they say she's dumb! Meanies.

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Yep, definitely am! (Looking through old stuff, that is):twilightsheepish:
Oh An do yea, Aj sure does deseve that spot, don't she?

Someone's surfing through old threads. I still stand by my answer, Applejack is number 2, right Below Pinkie but above the rest of the main 6

Hah! What a coincidence, same! Second on my last, second to Dashie that is. She's second just cause I love to ship her with Dash. That and she's just plain out amazing! Everything above might give you reason to believe it:raritywink:
Pretty sure the entire fandom at one point. Why it was done is beyond me, and I don't wanna know why, either. Aj’s one o’ the best in the show. She don't got no right sittin’ so low on so many people's lists!

Who spouts such lies like her being a background pony?

She's 2nd on my list as well

No, it's like saying Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity or Pinkie Pie is a background character. :duck:

No way she's a background pony. That's like saying Spike is a background character.



393176 Sweet! :pinkiehappy: I like that there's a group just for AJ

Is there a rules list for this group? Because I can't really tell what the idea is for publishing stories here. Does AJ have to the main character?
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