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Imagine Nancy Drew with a thermonuclear capacity and you've pretty much got the idea.

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Masked Menace Forces Fan to Precure PS5 · 9:16am 6 days ago

On the one hand, I hate how they managed to over-detail even the black suit. On the other, I mean, look at all this. What else am I supposed to do? They water ski on the Hudson! You can make your own tightropes! I'm not made of stone!

God, I don't even like Kraven and Venom.

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Huh. Weird choice but hey, as long as it airs somewhere. Supes deserves a good toon.

Oh! And I haven't listened to that podcast you recommended yet (although the premise sounds fantastic), but in trade: Sonic the Comic the Podcast, just in case you ever wondered what British kids comics and pop culture was like in the early 90s.

Looks like My Adventures with Superman (https://mobile.twitter.com/CartoonCrave_/status/1641105784745480195?s=20) is going to appear on adult swim

I found a hilarious podcast called Wooden Overcoats that I think you'll like. I'm listening to it on spotify.

Oh dear god, his ringtone is the rap from the Fox Kids show. Okay, I need to actually look this up now.

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