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I'm an Italian girl who loves foreign languages (I'm studying German, French and, of course, English) and is fond of drawing. I'm a My Little Pony fan and my favourite couple is AppleDash :3

Latest Stories

  • TFighting for Hope
    Rainbow Dash works as a mercenary for Applejack, whose farm is often victim of the assault of burglars and criminals. When the two mares find themselves alone in the barn, however, they forget the battle outside and come to terms with their feelings.
    Dawn22Eagle · 5.5k words  ·  9  1 · 494 views
  • TMoonlit Nights
    Rainbow Dash and Applejack have been in a secret relationship for quite some time, and the Pegasus always tries to treasure every moment spent with her. One night, though, she has to face a reaction she was not expecting to receive...
    Dawn22Eagle · 6.5k words  ·  13  0 · 416 views
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Hey there, Dawn22Eagle! Thanks for checking out "Sensation" and "Sensation - Las Pegasus". I'm glad you liked them, and if you have any feedback please let me know! I'd love to hear it. :rainbowwild:

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