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Your name is David. You lived in Ponyville for a few years now. During this time, you have developed friendships with the ponies, particularly the Mane Six. You have suffered some pranks from them and you decide that it is time to get them back.

Only question is, will you be able to escape from their retribution?

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I can only say that that crazy chase music would have fit better

Yakety sax is what its called

I shall give this a chance my friend

interesting, I shall watch this closely

5698546 Same here. Not a bad idea for a story, man. :ajsmug:



Thank you both. If you have suggestions for future pranks and retributions, pm me.

Even with the bad day that I had, this made me laugh soo much :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks, I needed it.

awesome chapters you are doing a amazing job i can't wait to read the next chapter:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


I'm glad you found it funny and happy that your day was made.


I am humbled by your statement. Thanks.

Finally he gets away with 1 wonder how long it will last

Nice to see that he didn't get bit in the ass by this prank.

If RD ever finds out what really happened... o_0

Didn't want to be too repetitive, so I'm glad you like like the change of pace.

When hes done he'll be forced to run away from ponyville just to escape retribution

Glad you enjoyed it. The character only goes after ponies who pranked him. Twilight hasn't done anything to him yet.

5718567 The next chapter will be clear on that. You will see.

I will. It's just gonna take time. Good storytelling can never be rushed. :)

he should sue them for torture cause that to far!

5740223 I'd sure Rainbow over the ticket she ripped up. That was illegal. :twilightangry2:

5740401 Lol. Well you know. Rainbow does tend to be the devious kind.

5740403 Anyway, not a bad first story. Hope you do just as good on the next one, assuming you want to make another one :twilightsmile:

5740404 Thanks. I appreciate the compliment and for you reading it. Means a lot coming from you. :twilightsmile:

5740414 You're welcome. This was good.

Looks like it all came back to bite him in the butt

Ive always liked when ponies go overboard like if he had seriously hurt himself or died at the construction site they would have felt so bad

5740781 Wouldn't have been funny though. It would have turned into a tragedy in a hurry. :eeyup:

5740834 i know but i think the benny hill chase song is a better comedic fit than whats there

5740905 I'll keep that in mind next time.

My name is actually David lol. Good story. I like it.

Ah. So you felt personally involved in the story. :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

And then he sues them in court for assault, sexual harassment, and whatever else that was done upon him.

5741564 Second person to suggest suing but in a much more graphic detail.

5741580 While I was waiting for his comeuppance, they went a little too far.
Do you plan to make a sequel or is this the finale?

5741589 No promises. Most likely not. Schooling will get in the way, college and all.


A LITTLE TOO FAR? Considering they pranked him before and he didn't do anything to them, let alone to the extreme (flank smack = ball crushing) they did, they were way out of line. He did deserve it on several points, such as blowing up the livelihood of Applejack, but for the most part it was beyond excessive. Ripping the bloody skin off someone's back because they contaminated your shampoo and you leapt to conclusions and punished someone else is something a sociopath would do. Even more-so due to the previous behaviour of specific ponies.

5745748 I was actually going to take the "little" out of my comment, but it slipped my mind..


How about you make David invite them to a sleep-over as a sign of peace, only you give David here a hockey mask and a chainsaw, and scare the everlasting life out of them, only to disappear with the help of a smoke bomb?...


Too much?

5755507 hmm. If I do make a sequel. I'm using this. Putting it in my mind for now. :pinkiehappy: Thanks.


5757891 Aw yeah! Retribution!

Look forward to your future stories. :rainbowkiss:

5760435 Glad you loved it. Thanks.

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