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This story is a sequel to Alternate Beginnings: Year Three

In the fourth year of Doug's arrival in Equestria, Applejack and Pinkie Pie expand the members of Herd Apple, with Fluttershy apprehensive but hopeful with her choice to be next. Rainbow Dash's venture with Sunset Shimmer takes a heavy toll, the pegasus now on the road to recovery.

Reading of previous books is not required, though some events from earlier years may be referenced.

Set Approximately four years before the events of MLP:FiM

Sex tag is for relationships between human and ponies (no clop)

Previous Year:
Alternate Beginnings: Year Three

Continued In:
Alternate Beginnings: Year Five

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at last i'm on book four chapter 1 i'm almost done whoot

just when i finish chapter 4 your realese chapter 5 i feel like thats not a coincidence

Yea the problem is that Rainbow Dash is a jet fighter while Fluttershy is an ultralight. Both are types of aircraft but any fighter jockey is going to struggle with how the ultralight handles. Hopefully this can be explained to Fluttershy so she can understand that even though her heard sister loves her she is incapable of doing much her way.

No the surprise is going to be that somehow Princess Celestia and Princess Cadance will be in attendance and have no clue how they got there.

why am I not suprised that pinkie did that?

I feel sorry for Rarity here. Ponyville really needs to get rid of that silly no magic rule, someday.

man that was a rough day for rarity

there will be no human children or hybrid foals

aww that sucks

Hmm,if their children inherit their Fathers Endurance they will literally be able to outrun long distance anything in Equestria.

Hearts Strong as Horses! Don't need a break ;)

oh rainbow you fan girl

I hope all goes well for Silver Set. I hope Spoiled can get knocked down a few pegs as she seems to be the biggest problem currently.

well thats a intresting turn of events

So now I wonder if Big Mac and Cheerilee will happen in this universe. Still hopefully Suger Belle will be joining.

oh hey finally that topic is brought up living space

I'm gonna go ahead and predict Big Mac forming a herd with Cheerilee, Sugarbelle and possibly Marble.

while i do like this chapter it didn't really build off the last one with the housing situation

i like this chapter it was holesum

so thats how they got their cmc mentallity

Ah think you got one more field to attend to.

anyone else thing that silver set is gonna fall for doug because I got the vibe

Well Fluttershy found out. I hope Applejack and Rarity can explain why they switched pets because Fluttershy is going to be upset about the whole thing.

So the pet arc is coming to a close soon

Oh, ouch. Though I wonder on how you'll handle that Bunny which is often written as possessive and abusive of Fluttershy's kind nature.

So the demonic imp in the form of a rabbit appears.

so Angel bosses his way into battle

You can't easily beat modern farming practices. I wonder how they would react if they could be shown a modern farm during the year.

I am not unconvinced the author is an emergent AI that exists solely to write pony words.

Hey, I occasionally respond to comments.


  • Volume of Pony Words
  • Quality of Pony Words
  • Regularity of Pony Words
  • Like Clockwork.

Bam! :twilightsmile:

Are you in fact a frakkin cylon which exists only to write pony words for our enjoyment? :derpyderp1:

or he could just of been doing this for a while

These stories are my first foray into major writing and fanfiction, but I'm, what, 250k words in now? I do my own editing, sometimes reading it to the wife, and I've gotten a lot better as far as catching errors. And inserting pony words.

Poor Pinkie she went through all of this and her new pony friend will not be appreciative of it. I can't wait till Spike gets to know the girls better in the next flash forward.

i wonder how twilight will react to doug

"Massages" on a train, and your kids not that far away...


I can't think of a more life affirming thing to do with somepony who just came out of a potentially life ruining experience.

As for the foal part? Yeah, I guess ;)

I actually see Fluttershy as like a helicopter, she can maintain her position and spin on a dime, with such subtle speed, one would think to compare her to a slightly speedy dirigible.

It's nice that Flutters is getting help early on her sensitivity issue, if this is enough to trigger insecurities, then hopefully it'll take more later before the canon timeline arrives. Maybe Doug can bring some self-confidence in her before she goes overboard from Iron Will's lesson.

Pop out a foal, start your own party

Never change Pinkie

It's his first time helping and Doug seems to be getting into planning for next year.
If he manages to fix winter wrap up before Twilight, that'll be amazing.

No, Mr. Hawk, you can't eat Mr. Robin, not yet.

I will never forget that she lamented on lacking intimidation, as she casually catches fish out the water and beats them to death. Such fun subtle reminders that she acknowledges animal nature and what it implies. Still no Angel bunny though, though he'd be hard pressed in being a "good boy" in Doug's presence.

Interesting, the CMC and all of the other foals, they're like crude patches to add high end upgrades. Future generations of Doug's bloodline will be biologically more intelligent, physically stronger where magic no longer bares the brunt and can pile on as OP dump stats to the magical aspects.

If anyone ever were to find out, Doug would be seen as prime breed stock if all it takes is the sacrifice of one defective generation. Any house/clan that seeks this cheat would either curry favor now or wait to have their children court Doug's

The openness that the princesses have with them, they're practically family.

Poor Blueblood, a snapped cucumber is the subtlest reference to what likely happened, that or emotion trauma for being a quick shot. So Shiny has a place in her heart but understands that he'd be only good for the company if nothing is found to help with her conception and will try to find solutions to give her foal more power if she has to resort to Doug's aid.

Good effort Scoots, you tried to skateboard.

Seems Rainbow's recovery isn't going as planned. Throughout the times she's on the lime light, she's either struggle busing her way through therapy flying with Flutters, quitting early on taking things slow and often seen pushing herself just near the brink of straining. That s not healthy, and it seems Spitfire has been watching.

Some sense finally hammered into her, she's been flying so fast all her life, that in her mind, flying at a standard speed is like a death sentence to her. Now she gets it, the control training is already helping gain an insight in nuance, flying fast is all well and good it ain't worth shit if you can't steer.

Rainbow, I don't think she's joking.

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