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This story is a sequel to Alternate Beginnings: Year Four

Herd Apple continues to grow, making new friends, but concealed foes threaten to prove that there are monsters lurking. But, what makes a monster? Is it the choices you make? Or does merely having the opportunity and the inclination to do so qualify? After all, what kind of being would willingly allow a terrible situation to occur, if you had the power to prevent it in the first place?

Reading of previous books is not required, though some events from earlier years may be referenced.

Set approximately three years before the events of MlP:FiM

Sex tag is for relationships between human and ponies (no clop).

Previous Years:
Alternate Beginnings: Year Four

Continued In:
Alternate Beginnings: Year Six

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haha man, the speed in which you come out with these with crazy. Though to be honest with the speed you release these at you probably could have just compiled all these into a single story,

I'll probably end up doing that for year seven, the planned end of this series. I have a buffer of about 8 chapters right now, which by the time I get to year seven will probably be the entire book. Hopefully. I might post the whole thing all at once when I get there, and you know you'll want me to when you see the end of year six.

I can not wait for this series to get to twilight's arrival

Good job mate. Excellent.

I hope Chrysalis gets permanently stuck as a human. Let's see how her kind take having such a weak queen.

man you just chug these stories out

:twilightangry2: Not the ending I was hoping for. Now will he be smart and report this or will he conveniently forget?

fluttershy don't worry you will be laughing about this in no time at all

Thank you for covering (again) the after birth. That gets missed in tons of media.

So I believe that this is where we get the lone colt in their heard and what will possibly lead to the breakthrough that will allow for Cadance to have her foal. Let's hope it all goes well and they have a major breakthrough.

Well now we know how they produce Flurry Heart in this universe. Now if Twilight where to join the heard I wonder what her kids will be like?

oh noes pipsqueak is son of bug

Well at least Celestia will have the fun of listening to the nobles complain, maybe she can catch a few cat naps while they drone on and on.

I can see that kind of relashonship with Cadence and Tia

well that explains quite a bit then

O h that escalated quickly

Seeing alternate futures would be interesting but I would like to see what you would make canon first. I feel that Chrysalis kinda did loose out here and only gets what she did by technicalities and dumb luck. Now why is Doug getting visions of what could come to pass?

Alternate Beginnings: Alternate Vision... Yes, my answer is yes, I wish to see this, whether or not you write it after finishing a few more Alternate years first or give a chapter every now and then, my answer is yes. :pinkiehappy: :heart: :trollestia:

This was interesting though I agree with the other commenter that Chrysalis only won on a technicality. With no referee, she would have lost.

Still, it's an interesting idea. If you come up with any other alternate futures I would certainly be interested in seeing them.

The idea of Celestia losing on purpose to bang Doug is freaking hilarious!!! She really needs that human D.

while i'm not opposed to twlight joing herd apple i would perfer something diffrent and have her hook up with Big mac

I like seeing twilight joining the herd.

i still have hope that Twilight hooks up with big mac instead of doug


Me as well. Applejack has displayed reluctance to having an Alicorn in her heard. How would both react if Twilight where to accend? I think it would work better that they are trying to set her up with Big Mac by using Doug as a test bed. Personally I think either a returning Sunset Shimmer or Starlight Glimmer would be a good fit.

That would be very interesting

so dougs training for the "invasion" begins

This is a cute chapter.

Pinkie got Guess Who? I think she will enjoy it a lot.

that is a nice gift

Hi hugry I'm Forge.
And I'm Pinkie! :pinkiehappy:

that was a bad dad joke but at the same time a classic

I am not interested in this version of the wedding. Or at least the context for chrysalis winning that has been put forth. it feels to one sided and I don't think celestia would let her win at the cost of her ponies like that. Secondly she would be forcing a foal out of doug which if she was ok with doing that why hasn't she done it? I wouldn't mind seeing chrysalis winning I just would like to see some sort of redemption arc from evil villain to something less dictatorship I guess.

Why do I think Applebaum is going to be an engineer?

this was a nice wholesome chapter

I think Dash may need to adjust her quick measurements.

here doug to save the day and contain the chaos in every way

and thus the day is saved thanks to princess celestia

so doug finally had his break down

So Celestia already has pegged Doug’s heard mates as the Bearers. I wonder if she still wants Twilight in their heard.

while i don't mind twilight in herd apple i think it would be better if she was to hook up with big mac instead of doug mostly because of twilights personality especially in the early seasons

I am reminded of https://www.fimfiction.net/story/223915/tias-reign-of-terror sadly unfinished, which also dealt with accidental transformation in a magic less form.


I totally agree with you. The issue is what does Celestia want to happen. She may want one thing to happen but it could not because of reasons out of her control. The heart is a fickle beast.

that would be intresting to see that Twilight falls for big mac instead o doug like celstia had hoped (i really hope the auther is reading this)

Never read it, but a fascinating premise, when you lose something so integral to your occupation and/or identity, and may never get it back.

An interesting premise, to have Celestia angling for Twilight to go one direction, while her heart is taking her in a different one. Maybe not one I will pursue in the continuation through the seasons (if I end up doing that). Though, my working title if I was to do that (instead of Alternate Continuation or something to that extent) was 'Twilight Never Bothered To Ask', because she would literally never notice the presence of Doug, mostly through poor timing or Doug having a house somewhere off the beaten path of Sweet Apple Acres with the other five foals.

well their was that one vision a couple chapters ago with a pregnant twilight during the canterlot invasion that was what got me on that line of thinking

I love how ADHD Pinkie’s daughters are. I wonder how Doug is going to take the mornings big revelation?

Today's chapter is a simple listing of character bios, their likes/dislikes and personality. That storm, while it grows, I can't help but see it as device to brewing plot than a weather hazard.

Hello Cheese Legs, how you've been? What's that, stuck? Aww, how funny.

This however is a problem, Nega Doug is on her way, and it'll be like if Bizarro strolled into the Justice League headquarters and said he's Superman. Let's hope the sketches weren't too accurate to recreate. Though the image of Doug strangling his evil copy to death, is something to look forward to.

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